Float Your Boat

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Float Your Boat

Something casual, predictably rambly with a side of poetry on a prawn.

Remember back when in high school where the last few years were like a frenzied scramble as everyone wanted it to end so we could all quickly play adults and live happily under a giant rainbow together?

This scrambling for something just over the edge, grasping for the next thing, idealism dripped intensely at every imagination we had made living in the present impossible. Teen dreams were delightfully never-ending, a mind fuel.

This followed into early adulthood too. There was a frantic living creature in me that just couldn’t stay put. Perhaps, it was anxiety. No matter what I did, it was never enough, but that ended quite a while back. I am enough. I answer to myself. I do what the moment calls. I do it deliberately.

Being raised with a mindset that faster was ultimately better, speed had a distinct hold over my body, instigated by my mind. Pressured, it was torture. Overly-sensitive to others, it was their energy that I mirrored.

And empathy, boy, it was all too darn plenty. I had to re-learn to stay and trust in my center. That balance once retrieved, I don’t ever take for granted. You know how sweet can be dangerously too sweet it’s repulsive. And then, bold can veer off into arrogance that it becomes unappealing? Well, striking the middle spot is my aim. Moment to moment, I check back in with myself. Always. It’s never just about the external.

A clarity comes when I honor my own space of being even as I cherish others. I can see them clearly and better gauge the present, with eyes less curtained.

Moving on to pressing matters like what outfit I wore that one fine sunny evening birds were guarding their nests and snipping my cats' bums:

Here is my take on a print-on-print look with monochromatic black and white spin that’s ultra easy to do.

I must admit that the combo of this comfy top and pants was so soft together that I could just doze off in it on the grass outside the house.

I don’t know what else to add to this short post, except that I have this poem-like creation I wanted to share from a while back. It got penned after I was triggered by the sight of a solo juicy prawn deep-fried in fluffy flour on a plate that abruptly made me feel poetic. No cocktails were involved. Just heavy monsoon.

One Last Prawn

How did it happen?
It was all too swift,
Between the three of us,
One last fried prawn
laid lonesome on a plate..

There were thirteen at the start,
And now, we just stared hard..
The juicy swirl,
cradled in a cloud
of lightweight flour..
Umm, inviting..

Who could be the lucky one to aim,
for the last bite
of this delight?

The thought crossed not too long
for anyone but me,
Someone was holding up a fork,
and clearly, it was this dork..


So, lads and ladies, what’s up? What have you all been up to? How do you like my poem? Critique it please. As for my outfit, would you see yourself or anyone in your life wearing it? What did you have for lunch? Did you feed your dogs/alligators/cobras/rabbits/children yet? Glad I reminded you!

As per usual, here is a quote to tickle your heart. It’s by this dude named Roy T. Bennett:

“Treat everyone with politeness and kindness, not because they are nice, but because you are.”

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