Movement Magic With Saje Flow

Friday, January 15, 2021

Movement Magic With Saje Flow
Picture cred: Rafael Cerqueira @ Pexels

The time to dance is anytime and especially through a crisis. Find out how you can employ the movement of the body to go through the new year with the help and assistance of a motivational speaker. Zero dance skills needed.

Hi friends, wow! We are in the new month of a new year. Happy 2021! Has anything changed for the better at all since 2020 for you personally? 

From where I am, the mask game is still going strong. Hand sanitizer, well, everywhere. Who sanitizes the hand sanitizer? Great question! One I have no answer to, unfortunately. 

When you take a breath, something moves. When you eyes perceive something out in the horizon, there is movement that takes place within you. When you laugh, there is movement happening. In between movements, there is stillness. Both movement and stillness seem to cancel each other out and yet each gives the other the opportunity to exist.

Today, I'm introducing a new exciting collaboration with Dancing & Life that entails quite a bit of fun content that you'll be seeing here and on my social media handles. If you've been following my blog for a while, you'd notice the undercurrent of movement. In the most literal form: there is movement from these words that I type. 

I move my fingers and tap them to create sentences that convey something to you, the reader. Physically, I move. Because, all living things do. I'm an avid walker. Lurking around in the town's gardens moving my limbs and breathing all kinds of scents that my nose picks up from being outdoors in the natural landscape here in old Malaysia. I walk and walk because I love it. It is grounding and it makes me feel connected to the world at large. Walking opens the space within me.

Naturally, walking is a type of movement-oriented activity I'm partial to. Prior to the journey with regular walking, I broke into a sudden dance in 2016 after a chapter of my life ended. The dance was far from a skilled one. In fact, it was better. It felt like a flower blooming out of me. It might look awkward from the outside but from the inside, I felt vibrant and brimming with energy. There was a flow to it that did not hinge on control. I let go: The body moved, my spirit lifted. My world opened.

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life...who loves this song? I love it so much! Pic cred: cottonbro @ Pexels

While the act of dancing keeps me anchored in the body, it also welcomes something bigger than thoughts of myself. It has been 4 years and I'm still walking and dancing. These movements of the body change how I hold myself physically in the world. I used to have a poor posture that complemented my shy, introverted disposition. With my work primarily centered upon writing, I slowly became an appendage to the chair. For years, the sedentary lifestyle kept my movement limited and in 2016, the body realized it had had enough and needed to move.

It was a time of a physical and spiritual upheaval that broke something in me and I faced it without distracting myself. It was a meeting of myself that was broken through the years and a witnessing of how I had seen and experienced myself through different phases in my life. There was a pain that was a layered pain upon layered pain that gradually became transmuted through dance and movement. 

The dance was a gift, truly. It was just me, myself and I facing a small mirror on the wall, moving to a song that's playing in my ear. I sometimes mouthed the words to the song and allowed the rhythm to move my body. I sometimes moved without any song playing. Until today, dancing randomly is still my go-to for an easy instant pick-me-up. Nothing beats movement when it's freely expressed.

I'm mentioning the power of dancing in this post and connecting it with the principles and teaching that are celebrated in  Dancing & Life. Based on my personal experience with movement, I recognize that the act of moving the body can be a very transformative process. There is no need to dance like a professional as this isn't about that, at all. It's about letting yourself let go and move so that you can get out of the prison of a thought-heavy mind. It's especially awesome for overthinkers. I think anyone would appreciate an activity that involves moving to a music you enjoy and sensing it for yourself a change that can happen when you do surrender to the movement.

You can start right here, today, if you're up for it. Dance! And see where it takes you.

James Lin also known as Saje Flow, the founder of Dancing & Life wants to empower you through the process of movement and position you to be in the state of flow where creativity peaks. There's so much to learn so I'll be updating this space. If you're into opening yourself up to something new and fun, then please be sure to join in! 

Here's what flow guru, James said in his interview with regards to breaking free from limiting beliefs that is universally resonating:

"See, most people don’t change because they don’t feel enough pain or enough pleasure to change. That’s how you create lasting change. So, by doing that process where you bring up these old beliefs of like, I’m not enough or it’s the number one fear people have is that I’m not enough and I’m not loved right..."


Getting to the heart of the matter is key to unearthing something that can do more than hold our fleeting attention when it comes to taking action. Let's make 2021 the year to make the right decisions and detaching ourselves from thoughts and things that no longer serve us.

James Lin moved to America when he was a child and experienced the pain of being bullied. He didn't see the move as a way for betterment as his father stayed in Asia and he instead experienced the pain of separation from his father. 

His moments of awakening were a response to pain and suffering, wanting to be loved and validated by genuine connection. In his interview, you will find that he believes in the power of immersion, presence, gratitude and setting intentions. 

In following a path of flow, he is of the mindset that it is best to move from what resonates within as opposed to relying solely on gaining external approval. He also talks about tailored learning methods, priming, intention setting, deep breathing and visualizations. He's passionate about being in the flow sharing and teaching flow. 

Are you interested in joining the #flowarmy led by Saje Flow? Then, be sure to check out Dancing & Life.

Watch out this space for more updates. 

Friends, what do you think when you think about dancing? When did you last dance? What were the feelings that come up when you allow your body to express its movements?

Be sure to share how dancing or any activity that is movement-related had or is helping to change something for the better in your life down in the comment space below. I love reading your thoughts! So please, share away!

Updated: January 18th, 2021:

Science of Dancing Style Recognition: The Way You Dance Is Unique

Credit: Sebastian Ervi @ Pexels

You know you've got the same dance move for every song that comes on and at times, you even recognize from way across the room a silhouette moving in that old familiar way and it turns out that, there's science behind it, folks! Apparently, we all have signature dance moves that can be recognized no matter what the music we're grooving to. Cool research to back it up here, if you're interested to read.

Updated: January 20th, 2021

Dance Science With Karine Rathle

Karine Rathle, teacher and rehearsal director speaks about dance science: How dance influences our social understanding of the world and communication that comes out of plain movement and body interaction.

She also speaks about dance for health - How it helps with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's with dance utilizing parts of the brain the get weaker in these conditions. She also teaches how to creating stage presence through breathing, body awareness and imagery. Watch the video where she talks about it all here.

Updated January 23rd, 2021

How to take part of the FLOW weekly livestream?

For those who want to take part in the fun and get to know Saje Flow, feel free to come join him and other #flowarmy gang for a boost of energy and positivity and win yourself giveaways every Friday on at 12pm pacific time!

Watch Saje Flow speaks about releasing your inner warrior and resetting yourself for the New Year here if you are open for a dose of motivation. We could definitely all use that!

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