Casual in batik: How to print-clash with batik skirt and a patterned blouse

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Casual in batik: How to print-clash with batik skirt and a patterned blouse

The time it's another lockdown and I take out the batik skirt to wear again.

 Hi folks!

What's up? I'm listening to Alan Watts and need to pause his talk for a bit as I can't hear myself think as I attempt to compose a semblance of a sentence here for the blog while trying to understand him. I am  no good at multi-listening at all.

Today's outfit is all about the batik sarong skirt. It's a gorgeous one - this batik (which has been worn many times before) and I quite love the fabric and motif. It has that chocolate-y vibe that's rustic and forever nostalgic, one that makes me think of both my late grandmas fondly.

As I mentioned I've worn the batik skirt before but today, it's with this orange printed roomy blouse with cuffed sleeves. The airy blouse is simply perfect for the Malaysian humidity. I wore it tucked into the skirt and sat on the chair in my room for a few clicks of photos. 

Here, I'm flipping my half-dried wet hair fresh from shampoo sesh:

Long batik skirt with roomy patterned blouse

The fan blows my hair as I imagine sitting under a palm tree with fishy and salty ocean breeze

Now, I'm sitting down, letting the fan blow out my hair imagining the most optimum seaside scenario with the perfect weather, perfect beverage in hand, perfect pattern in the sky and a perfect breeze direction so no hair is caught in my mouth. Next, I stand facing the other side because angles:

Print clashing with batik skirt is easy because it's never a faux pas to wear it with something patterned on top!

That's it for today! I hope you are well and taking care of yourself the way you know best. Remember to keep  your spirits up, turn the idiot screen to something optimistic yet not delusional, smile and if you are up for it: move that body!

Thank you for swinging by this space :) I really appreciate it!

As always, here's a quote to end this entry just for you:

“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.”


Alan W. Watts

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