How I wear something with a short batik skirt as I contemplate life...

Saturday, August 28, 2021

How I wear something with a short batik skirt as I contemplate life

The time I'd prefer that you keep calm and appreciate my batik-themed outfit once again.

Hiya friends. It's me, again. With another post, again.

Once upon a quarantine, I was at home, taking all the safety precautions to stay a distance from the world's population. It's not that I wasn't used to it. I always appreciate a bit of a distance say, when trying to make a decision about cleaning up bird dropping on the car windows, picking potatoes whether I want the fat American ones or the small and cracked Malaysian ones or looking dreamily away at the sun peeking through the branches of trees up above my head as I walk my legs in the evening. 

I don't miss the unruly way of the signature close-distance queues that often are the thing here in Malaysia. You could just practically be hugging strangers while waiting for your turn at the ATM or worse, the sushi place. Nowadays, that's a NO. Thank goodness. I can't stand sushi places. They're so cold.

Interestingly, I'm very grateful that I am allowed to eyeball strangers with half of my face covered when I feel like they're too close for comfort and they will totally understand. Unless of course if they're mentally-compromised. Living in these viral times can be surreal sometimes.

Anyway folks, here's the outfit. 

Batik skirt and pink knit strappy top combo

I'm not feeling this image size. But it's okay. Let's take up some space. I'm so in love with the Indo batik motif on this skirt. Super gorgeous. The brown shades killed it!

This batik OOTD is from before the lockdown life became too real here in old Malaysia. The time when people still believed in some semblance of sensibility and hope. LOL.

I love batik when I wear it casually like this.

That said, I will take the opportunity to mention how I am plenty grateful to have downed a plate of bowtie pasta a moment ago. OMG, super tasty. Okay, a tad chewy. I undercooked the pasta but everything else was such a vibe. From the tasty cherry tomatoes to the parsley pieces and garlic! I love garlic. I don't want to befriend anyone who has no love for garlic.

Oh, yes, so about the outfit. Pretty simples, really. Batik skirt is worn high-waisted. The skirt is a wrap style so you can wrap it around the waist and tie according to your liking. I paired it with this pale pinky knit strappy top for a dose of chicness. I kind of like the overall look. Didn't wear no shoes because hello, we don't wear no shoes in the house! Especially now with the strains that might be lurking under the base of your footwear. Keep them out of your clean floors! 

It's me in batik. Hi!

Mine is in need of mopping. It's not that clean. Are your floors always sparkling? I'm endlessly reorganizing dusts with no end in sight.

That's all peeps. Hope you're doing well wherever you are located on Mumma Earth. I am still at the same corner plotting what to snack on later. What's your favorite snack these days?

Share with me, if you feel like you wanna.

As per usual, let us end this post with a quote from Mooji:

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