I love gentle skincare: Hara Organic Saffron Face Gel Personal Review

Monday, September 6, 2021


Gentle skincare: Hara Organic Saffron Face Gel Personal Review

The time I review organic skincare that is the saffron face gel. What is it, what does it do, why do you want to know - All these questions will answer themselves when you continue to read on.

Hiya folks! It's skincare beauty talk today.  Grab your salad, sit tight and consume. The salad, yes and these words..

I'm your uber minimalist old gal here about to yap about the saffron face gel I was so psyched to try out when I decided to stock up on my favorite Hara Organic face mask & scrub combo.

So, here it goes. 

But first, allow yourself to enjoy the view of my cat's face:

When Chippy loves you, you're going to KNOW it.

Isn't he a beautiful kitty? What a color! What intensity!

I got the saffron face gel along with my favorite mask/scrub as the word 'saffron' got me thinking about Spanish cuisines. Plus, it is one the latest organic products in their collection that I haven't yet tried and I felt compelled to as they were also having a sale at the time of the purchase.

The claims:

1. Hydration 

2. Glowing

3. Brightening 

4. Reduce Acne 

5. Anti-Wrinkle


Saffron, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Natural Herbs (I wish this was specified)

Gentle gel formulation to soothe and hydrate your skin.

So, let me begin my personal review of the saffron face gel, now, shall we?

I initially had thought it was a cleanser at first and then delightfully found out it was a gentle moisturizer. Indeed, it is. 

It's a pretty tangerine gel with threads of saffron

The gooey gel texture in tangerine with sprinkles of saffron was a sight to see. I just love seeing the sunset orange colored gel in the glass jar and really took to the compact glass packaging. It had a mysterious look to it and I don't usually have something looking like it in my very sparse minimalist skincare routine. I like it.

Smell-wise, it's got a neutral herbal scent to it that made me think of honey. If you're about skincare that doesn't smell chemical because well that's a blasphemy, please relax as this pretty gel is organic. Its herbal aroma isn't aggravating unless of course, your nostrils have other specific preferences. 

Relax further by looking at this image right here:

When cats chillax like this, I feel really happy.

As far as my nose was/is concerned, I'm happy to report that no migraine happened and the scent  completely disappears after it gets absorbed into the skin. Upon application, the gel's cooling quality makes my skin feels quenched. I pat it until fully absorbed and there's that sticky post-application that makes it ready for your next beauty or skincare step. I usually leave my skin alone after applying the gel but at times, I will apply my favorite castor/coconut/sesame oil mix once the gel has gone into the skin. 

Intermission - More globe amaranth blooms:

The globe amaranth blooms wildly in my mom's garden.

The main thing that I feel can be improved is the saffron threads themselves as they disrupt a smooth application by dangling over the face and palm of my hands. It is a saffron face gel but perhaps, you're meant to eat some of the thread which I did a few times and no, it wasn't great for consumption every time, haha! My hope would be that the saffron threads get blended into the gel in the future as opposed to being isolated threads in a gel. 

I must stress that I do have a weird love for the gel's jelly texture and how jiggly it is. Anyway, that's it folks. 

Oh wait. I forgot. So, how does my skin feel after using it for about a month or so (I think).


A head of a flower as yet another intermission:

What a sight, what a beaut! It's globe amaranth in the house saying yoooo.

To answer the pressing question: the gel performs pretty alright. 

It is a soothing gel that does comfort this old sensitive skin of mine. It hydrates my skin and cools it too. Not sure if it's brightening or reducing my wrinkles. But for someone that has a hard time with moisturizers in general, I quite like using it for night time. I don't care for heavy moisturizers and the gel for me matches my skin needs. 

I have sensitive acne prone skin. It's an oil fest in the center and dessert dry at the outer bits of the face with the jawline being particularly sensitive and temperamental. I find the gel to be suited for my face and I like putting it on my face at night as in the day, I'm all about the SPF and my skin isn't the kind to appreciate layering of skincare products as it becomes a whole oil rig. I do not use foundation/concealer because I like my skin to look like skin.  

I think that is all for my skin report of today. 

The tangerine gel sits in a glass jar that is compact, dark and mysterious.

I hope you'll give the saffron face gel by Hara Organic a check out if you're up for trying a gentle soothing gel as a moisturizer. You can find it on Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, Instagram and basically everywhere on the Net but I'm not sure if they ship internationally but it doesn't hurt to find out.

This post wasn't sponsored but I wish it was! Heh ehe!

Till the next one from me, please take good care, get your body moving, eat your vegetables and fruits, absorb the Vitamin D from the sun but if you can't because it's winter, get the supplement because apparently folks in cold weather places are Vit-D deficient.

The miniature wild orchids mom found in the garden planted by Mama nature.

“To create suffering without recognizing it -- this is the essence of unconscious living...”

- Eckhart Tolle 

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