How to dress casual retro at home?

Thursday, September 9, 2021

How to dress casual retro at home?

The time retro was the mood in the outfit.

Hi folks, what's going on? What's your plan for the day or has it ended? If so, what time do you plan to plant head on pillow and slumber or is the YouTube monsters keeping you up? 

Anyway, here's an outfit I wore once upon a quarantine life. The sunglasses were from my sister's and they were from way back in the late 90s I think. It's for wearing when your eyes refuse to look through the tinted part. The frame has kind of stretched and if I don't hold them sunnies properly with my face and hand, they'll just fly off so I chose to gingerly sit down and then stand up for this retro style outfit sesh.

The striped top is crop and the pants, from the olden early 2000s hangs by the low waistline uncomfortably exposing most of the belly area and they flare at the end. I'll be honest and say that I won't be wearing the look out anytime soon.

I had an impression of a look in my head when I was organizing this outfit but I though I had something high-waisted but alas, the low waist jeans had to do because of they were practically retro. The only thing that's kind of new-ish was the crop top but it had that retro look so there you go, my casual outfit at home punctuated with retro fun.

Alright, now that I have completed a paragraph saturated with the word 'retro' let us see the photos then, shall we?

I am standing around with my hair 'styled' up and with a headband.

Oh and if you are wondering about the reduction in smiles in outfit photos that I take of late, it's because I get into a relaxed mood and since it's just the camera and I, I feel quite at ease just posing without smiling. 

I do have a very serious resting face and I find that I'm alright with it. Earlier in the days of outfit journaling, I smiled because my mom was the photographer and I couldn't be serious as I tended to be clownish with her. Haha. Just hope that I don't scare anyone with my angry bird look. Alrighty then. 

These sunglasses need a hand to stay in place.

Here's a smile. Heh :)

And finally, here's the last picture for this short entry:

I got my nose to hold the sunnies for a few seconds. Thanks nose.

My nose held the sunnies up for three seconds. #lol

That is all folks. I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing these photos. 

If you have suggestions on anything that you want me to blog in the future, please share your thoughts in the space below. I'm going to go have my second plate of bowtie pasta!

As per usual, here's a quote to end this post for you (and I) to ponder:

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