Never worn before: A combo of purple & melange grey

Monday, March 28, 2022


Never worn before: A combo of purple & melange grey

The time I tried a new color combo!

Hiya lovely friends, how are you?

Today's another toasty day here in old small town Malaysia. It had bouts of thunder that seemingly signaled for some rain but we were blessed with a few little drops as the humidity hung heavy. I cooked my first paneer masala today. It was quite flavorful! The paneer chunks in contrast were subtle and even cooling to my stomach. I naturally have a heaty body and appreciate foods that cool me down especially when the tropical summer is in full swing.

That said, today's outfit is kind of summery and kind of not as the weather when these pictures were taken were in between gloomy days and outright giant pour that refused to cease. The purple top was from so long ago that I'm convinced belonged to my sis. It's pretty tight on my frame as I am wider compared to my sis. I just love the vibrant purple color. It's akin to a candy purple. And the culottes came with a waist tie but I removed it. The fabric for both is suited for cool rainy/gloomy days as opposed to the full blown hot and humid weather that's arrived these few days.

The melange grey color worked together with the purple. And I wore these pretty shoes that I sadly will only be able to stand wearing around the yard for shoots because they are definitely not for walking around and we all know I love to walk! I did wear the nude shoes out one time and my feet recognized that old familiar sensation that signaled my brains to save them for at-home outfit snaps.

So folks, that is all from me for now. I hope you're all healthy and keeping yourself fit through activities that you enjoy. I did walk in the garden just now and was very grateful to smell the fresh air, feel the breeze under arms of ancient trees while relaxing my eyeballs by looking far into the distance.

Till the next one, take care of yourself, find out food that's good for your body and cook it, drink lots of water, embrace spices and gaze at the moon when you catch the sight of her.

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