The Confessions of a Non-Shopaholic

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Don't go hatin' on me! I know that some of you, both young and mature ladies and gentlemen love shopping. So, before proceeding with the read, just keep in mind that you’re in the territory of a girl who does not really hate shopping but isn’t too keen on spending her hours away in the mall. Shopaholics beware; this post may be a little too nonsensical for your species. As for the majority of men, who are usually straight and women, who do not for one second buy into the so-called therapeutic shopping session idea, please continue.

When you hit the giant mall, it’s predictable that you would see many shops showing off their many types of clothing for you to try and buy. Does it not make you go crazy? I hate shopping when I have to go through every single one of the shops, just to make an informed purchase. I always buy what I see is right for me, at first glance. Yup, that’s me. I usually get possessed by an item of clothing from a distance and I knew right away, I just got to own it. But of course I do try it first, and if it fits me alright and then I buy it. It’s as simple as eating cheese, right?

Now you may wonder what if I don’t see anything that I like, at first glance. Well, in that case, I just cease to shop my sanity away. I’m fine with okay, it’s just really not my day. Seriously, I just am not your typical shopaholic gal who would be breezing in and out of shops. It is more likely that I’ll be too unmotivated to look around for more choices. I’d settle for some drinks, eat some good food and watch other people shop, instead. Not for too long, though. Because then, my mind will start to wonder if there is some abnormality in me that I fail to enjoy shopping as much as them.

Alright then, my moody shopping personality aside, I have a question: have you really gone shopping with serious shopaholics? I mean, they literally shop till they drop. No, wait, they don’t drop, they’re refreshed! I drop. My sister is an example of a serious shopper. She may well spend one whole day in a mall, going in and out of shops and still have a pleasant smile plastered upon her pretty face. The whole freaky thing rejuvenates her, so unlike the effect it has on poor me. I’ll be drained up of energy.

Picture me idling myself away waiting impatiently for the mall nightmare trip to be over in a mixture of lethargy and boredom. My soul’s shrinking away, and no, Shopaholics don’t notice that I am struggling to not faint out of being swarmed with too many choices! Worse is that I am not even trying to shop. I’d be stuck watching this shopaholic sister of mine making her choice and I feel strangled. Is that normal?

But, lock me inside the biggest bookstore and there’s my paradise! A variety in books makes me a happy woman. Read that again: BOOKS. But, super-extra variety as in clothes, shoes, pants, accessories, gadgets, mobiles, and whatever they are selling in the super malls these days, just makes me go insane. I just lack will and patience to be browsing through multiple versions of the same thing for over a long period of time.

I shop like a dude. I hate to give anything too much of a thought whether this one here is better than that one there. The most important thing is, if it looks and feels good, I take it. And I hate those sales people who watch you like a hawk, and then verbally insult you with their superior opinions about whatever they know that is good for dear old me! Don’t even get me started. So, I’ll end it now. Peace!

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