A Look at Ten Residential Properties in Bangsar

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Look at Ten Residential Properties in Bangsar
"Property is a fruit of labor; property is desirable; it is a positive good in the world." -Abraham Lincoln

Hello, hello, property-talk today. If you're rolling your eyes now, it's compulsory to keep reading. If you're eye-balling the screen, keep reading, you're right where you're supposed to be. If you're sleepy, just browse through. If you abhor this subject, I have nothing to say to you! Okay, just at least look at the pictures.

So, here we go..

Bangsar is an upscale residential suburb located at the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur (KL). Popular as homes of expatriates and local young professionals, it has the best residential pads if one desires to stay in the center of the modern commercial hub and at the same time experience nature through the touch of city-pruned greeneries.

Life at this part of KL is always buzzing with activities, so I must warn you property-oglers who are hunting for prospective residential homes or condos, to expect some amount of hustle-bustle in this area.

Now let’s look at the ten residential spots that might stimulate you to drool, and thus plan for a booking, maybe in the future, or better right this minute!

Zen Bukit Pantai

A place that is best for tranquility-loving people, as it is of low density. It’s near to The Gardens and Mid Valley Megamall, so you won’t have to worry when you’ve got to get that shopping-fix. The security feature is extremely over-the-top, which is a good thing, of course. It has personalized access card system, 24-hour security, panic buttons, audio intercom connected to the guardhouse and yeah, you get the idea!

Impian Emas

This residential property is great for people who value privacy, as its low density condo allows you to come home, escape the hectic living, into a quiet haven that is nestled on top of Bukit Bandaraya. All units face lush greenery that will be cooling to the eyes, and the spirit. Its basic facilities offer practicality for those who value simplicity.

The Loft

One of the new modern condos that is highly sought-after by young local professionals and expatriates, The Loft is known as Bangsar Couture Homes. If you love glass façade that invites natural sunlight into your home, with a bonus of an intoxicating view of the city centre skyline, this is the place you have to consider.

The Ara

The Ara, is one of the most luxurious residential pads in Bangsar, also referred to as the Bangsar Couture Homes, this unique gated and guarded residential comprises of 30 exclusive couture homes, just next to The Loft. Warning: A piece of the unit may reach a price as high as RM4 million. Unless you’re a trust fund baby, a multimillionaire, or have a filthy rich partner, parent or grandparent who loves you enough to spend for you, just pretend you never read this.

Bayu Angkasa

If you love staying on a hill, and still be within-distance to leisure spots, banks, parks, museums and whatever you have in mind, this residential will be just right for you. Families need not to worry about educational institutes either, as there are schools, colleges and universities nearby.

Tivoli Villas

For you people who adore Roman-style luxurious condo, Tivoli Villa will not disappoint you. The villa is surrounded with 400 concourses, filled with fountains, gazebos, birdbaths, paved pathways, amidst lush greenery landscaping, that will take you back in time.

Bukit Bandaraya

Bukit Bandaraya is an exclusive neighborhood, nestled in the hilly area of Bangsar. Located at the heart of Bangsar, the abundant commercial activities will always ensure your weekends are filled with pleasure.

Bangsar Peak

Bangsar Peak is a low-density ultra-luxurious condominium. Shopping trips just take within minutes, as it is close to Bangsar Village, Bangsar Village II, The Gardens and Mid Valley Megamall.

Casa Vista

Casa Vista consists of two high-rise towers and a low-rise condo block. If you love the view of the city centre skyline right from your unit, this piece of property is worthy of your consideration.

One Menerung

Being one of the most talked and sought-after property in Bangsar, One Menerung offers the best of the two worlds; the city and the greenery. It is located right behind the Bangsar Shopping Complex,thus making a trip down to Shopsville, a speedy one and then a date with nature a joy, as lined trees enchant and welcome you back to the condo unit.

So, what do you think?

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