The Simple Cure for a Brooding Person

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Simple Cure for a Brooding Person

"A reasonable amount of fleas is good for a dog - keeps him from brooding over being a dog, maybe." -Peter Nivio Zarlenga

What is brooding? It can simply mean being sullen or moody, and it is also used to refer to fretting or worrying. The funny part of the definition is that brooding can also be meant as sitting on eggs the way a mother hen does until they hatch. All definitions have one thing in common, that is a period of time spent not doing anything fun, and the only fun thing happens if you’re a chicken. But if you are a chicken, you won’t know the difference. So, let’s just be humans and not brood. Problem solved. Post over. Buh Bye!

Okay, crazy introduction. Sorry, the weather’s been strangling my mind lately. It’s hot and cold, hot and cold. I’m going to spare you the insanity of explaining every single thought that keeps shooting up in the screen of my caffeine-drugged mind, now. So, let’s just forget me for a second while you dive into this post for a minute and get it over with.

A brooding person appears to be wanting to do something worthwhile or meaningful but he is swallowed up in his brooding ways to know that instead of doing the thing that he thinks he wants to do, he sits and thinks and then thinks again, and then kill his own instincts, instead.

This post does not in any way judge the brooding person for his weakness, but attempts to provide a simplistic remedy to the brutal paralysis that is associated with the malady.

The author is not to be blamed for any failure or loss of motivation that may be experienced by some of the readers. It's best for you to skip the read, if your spirit is too weak. For the rest, let’s indulge the tricks I have up on my sleeves for a tiny while. Sit tight.

Point one:

Blow it off
Yeah, Blow that brood off, just like blowing the candle flame. It sounds so easy that it sounds completely unintelligent. I know your day’s been really long, and it’s an even a longer drag reading this, but listen, you can do this.

Or, if you can’t, get someone to help you out with it. But if you are just going to use the other person as a short-cut escape away from conscience, I’d suggest ditching it. It does not help. Just start by blowing it off, we’ll see what follows next.

Point two:

Get a grip
Imagine yourself bumping into a brooding buddy. Do you want to take him out and have a ball of a good time with this walking-funeral-face? No. You would not. You would take him out to his own funeral, instead.

Subsequent to blowing it off, is to get a grip. Do this for one short moment and it will send out a ripple effect coming from your tiny effort, enough to lighten up the current dark chilly mood.

Keep in mind that, Nothing is EVER going to be solved with you brooding. No world peace. No quake-free world. No annoying-neighbors-free neighborhood. No nagging parental-figure wannabes. No nothing!

Point three:

Boredom calls for brooding.
Know that you are brooding because you are bored with the way things are. It’s killing you, this predictable mundane existence which is your Life. You want to do something refreshingly new.

Mind you though, doing anything "different" does not necessarily pave the way to a better brood-free life. Take a different route home on your way back from gloom,if you want. Order a different Value Meal at KFC. Stop swearing every time someone cuts you off of your grandfather’s road.

So, why am I stating this point if nothing solid is ever to come out of it? Beats me.

Point four:

Stay away from brooding people
People infect us not only through wretched viruses and bacteria; they do it with their moods too. Sorry, but that date with The Sad-Whiner will not increase your quality of life today. Keep doing it everyday and the only day you’ll be looking ahead for is your Doomsday.

People love to brood together. If you have an eye for this tiny detail, you’ll find that they love sharing sad tales and squirm in silent delight, when some other poor person’s adversity fail to rise up to theirs. So, why are you still there, listening to down-in-the-drain Nazi-like (superior?) pathetic self-pity talk? Get away fast!

Point of no return:

The brooder disclaimer.

If you feel that I have aggravated your brood with my utter nonsense, I must say that it was never my intention.

The real reason for this post is mainly because I want to share my utter nonsense for kicks. Honestly, I'm fighting with my brooding self, and the mad bugger is still snickering at me, sneaking up on me, when all I want to do is just be rid of that drunken-monkey.

Creative thoughts from any person, being or alien are extremely welcomed by the desperate author.

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