How Fashion-Crazy Can You Go?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I know when talking about fashion, people have all sorts of creative ideas about it. I am all for expressing yourselves and all of your glorious uniqueness. If you love gaga's fashion to death, please close this window or click the 'back' button immediately before your curiosity makes you want to take a peek, and then kill me. No offense to Gaga, the real person underneath all of that uh stuff she wears whenever she goes err.. Gaga?

I am not a fashion queen, so my advice does not have the kind of authority, let’s say – the kind so-called expert fashion Gurus have – you know the ones that are out there doing their fashion thing. So why are these so-called creative people
confusing the masses?

Beats me. But thinking again -by just looking at this runaway dramatic fashion pictures, I know why, and you will too.

Take a bunch of kermit the frog puppets and there you go, a froggy blouse!

Why not top your look by going pig-faced!

The man had to use shades just to remain anonymous for this mouth-gaping look.

She couldn't take the attention so she had to use spotlights to blind her sight.

She confessed her love for eggs and buns that she had to wear them!

It is obviously evident that the fashion people have indeed lost their minds. You don’t think they’re doing this for the fun of it anymore because they’re getting far too serious about it being super weird.

No one in their right minds will ever wear these things! And here I thought the fashion people are supposed to be working towards the betterment of global fashion (yeah right!). What are they paid to do anyways? Create fashion right? No? Yes? Not regurgitate out-of-the-world fashion that only Gaga will buy and then wear?

People need entertainment, so it's alright I guess to mix fashion and fun. But it is never fun anymore when your very children starts thinking oh-hell-yeah-I-want-to-wear-meat, because it seems like their friends think it is sooo in-fashion (exaggeration for dramatic effects..hehe).

Now you look at yourself in the mirror thinking where have all the senses of this generation of kids have gone to. You want to wear something that does not make people stare, but then you have kids in the background screaming that's so out-of-date.

Wow, you didn't think you've aged that quickly and that your fashion sense have gone skewed. You thought wrinkles were side effects from your newly-found wisdom, and now they're getting rid of the crow's feet like it's the plague.

Although, my last post was about my fashion rave on my present love affair with leggings, but it is never hunky-dory, because leggings can turn against you when you least expect it. Want to know the three leggings' most hideous fashion crimes? I know you want to, so here's
my take on it.

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