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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Penang, located at the Northwest of Peninsular Malaysia, is my favorite go-to state for a relaxing beach vacation. I’ve been dreaming (smack me!) lately of the exciting days and nights that I could have if I am a Penang-resident, which inadvertently got me checking out Penang properties.

Being the second smallest state in Malaysia, next to Perlis, Penang has got its extra land coming from a number of land reclamation projects. I do wonder how they go about reclaiming the lands, but that’s beside the point.

This site imparts vital information about the hottest condominiums and luxurious condo properties available in Penang. So, if you’re serious about getting a property in Penang, I would suggest a detour to check the site out. Among the hottest condos in Penang are Gurney Park Condo, E-Park Condo and Bayswater Resort Condo.

The Bay Star Condo, Gurney Palace Condo and the Gurney Beach Resort Condo are among others listed as luxury condos available. I won’t bore you with the details of every single piece of property but let’s just say that Penang (for me, at least) is a great place to live. I know that’s pretty straight-forward and that it does not shed any kind of insight into why it is the best state to settle down for me.

Let’s just keep it short and simple then. Three things that make it the best place to stay regardless of your purpose - either to retire and relax, to raise your children, to work or to write that epic novel, heck even if it's just to meditate - are: the Food, the Beaches and the Malls. The wide choices of food at a very reasonable price is something food junkies will be very excited about, and in 2004, Time magazine voted Penang as the place for the Best Street Food in Asia!

The sandy beaches coupled with endless variety of shopping destinations successfully make me want to pack up my bags now, grow cupid wings and fly to Penang instantly! But real people have to work and earn some income before they go buy a property, so I do appreciate any form of financial donations from real people reading this. =)

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The picture you see up there is the Great Penang Bridge. No they do not have properties on top of that bridge, you silly. Unless of course you like sleeping on concrete.

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