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Friday, October 15, 2010

I've written about PropWall before once as I was just looking at luxurious properties in Malaysia. But I think it does not offer justice to people who have their minds set on crossing over to the other side. By that I mean, to Singapura (Singapore)! Read on if you're up for some property-ogling!

If your desire is to move to Singapore, I bet the first priority is to do the obvious, which is go property-hunting! And by that I do mean staying in a location, and letting your fingers do their job. All you need is to be sane enough to operate the Internet.

In this piece I shall offer you lucky folks a light overview about this free property resources web site for Singapore, that I have just visited.

Getting Singapore property reviews is definitely easy with just a few clicks of your mouse button. I mean, come on guys, if you can at least have an in-depth analysis of a bunch of properties in Singapore that you might be interested in, just visit PropWall within the comforts of your office or your home.

You don't want to be fighting the traffic in the Island without a clue, don't you! The same thing applies to Singaporeans because the onslaught of traffic and crowds do affect people the same way, regardless.

Also, where was I again?

Oh yes, the site stores well over 100 property analysis pieces and up to 3,000 property images. I think the quality of their property images is not as high as I thought they used to be. This area could do well with better improvements. I like the images Big!

At the landing page of the site, you'll be welcomed with a set of featured property images and links to their more detailed pages. There is also a list of the 20 top
on-fire properties in the Island of prosperity - each link takes you to the page that has further details about the history, location and facilities related to the property. I've noticed that a few have not yet been updated. If you're feeling generous, you could contribute!

If you have a property name in mind, all you need to do is type the name of the out in the Singapore Property Search Box. A list of top districts is available too, if you want to base your property search by locations.

Some Pictures for you Property-Oglers:

The Sail at D01City. If you love lavish Condos, and don't mind the hustle and bustle of the city life, this might be for you.

The City Square Residences at D08 Central offers the most picturesque view of the city. With a mall soon-to-be-completed very close to its proximity, this place is the best for families and expatriates who love to blend work and pleasure.

The Hillview Regency located at D23 North West is a good property option for those who love the quiet and peaceful ambiance as it's at the (shockingly) silent part of Singapore.

The first image is taken from beautyineverything.com (sofvan)
The rest are taken from PropWall.

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