Lightning Is The Rainbow's Half

Monday, April 11, 2011

This is a short poetry I've created about a father who is comforting his young daughter at night when it was just about to rain because she fears the sound of thunder and the flicker of lightning.

The stars are up above,love,
The moon is wearing a Cumulonimbus cloud,
Ever seen a lightning strike in frozen sight?
I bet you have love,
That's the rainbow's half,
It's fast, it's lethal, it's beauty is in the
milliseconds of blinding electrical discharge,
It freaks you out, I know, but open your eyes,
Be, just be, as vulnerable as that lone tree in the wide green field,
Brrrrhh, roars the thunder - you blink, I smile,
The night smells like rain drops scattered by the
Wind gone wild,
Hear that love, there's no sound like the wind
howling in between dancing trees,
While green slimy frogs sing that chorus by the pond,
Can't you feel that in an instant, this will all be
Don't sweat now honey pie,
The fear of thunder is astraphobia,
But I'll be here,
To remind you that it's magic up there,
As we look up at the enormous moody sky,
An invisible hand is painting something,
A bright light that criss crosses,
By a play of wind, friction, water,
atmospheric pressure,
Do you know that it still is a mystery as to how the
careless lightning initially spring out to be?
No, you don't, but it's fantastic isn't it?
This curiosity that beats our fears,
Every single time?

Image Credit:
Walter De Maria's "The Lightning Field" at
beautiful lightning - vidular at

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