Mind-Wander To The Sound Of Feist

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here's a song by Feist, "Where Can I Go Without You?" that I'm currently in love with, thanks to my sweet brother's tasteful suggestion. Her rendition is dreamy and soothing that it practically takes my mind away.

Drift off, doze off, dream away, ladies and gentlemen!

I went to London town to fill up my mind,
Then on to Paris for the fun I could find,
I found I couldn't leave your memory behind,
Where can I go without you?

Tried seeing Singapore that wouldn't do..
So I went Vienna but I found you there too..
Even in Switzerland your memory came through..
Where can I go without you?

Well I wanted to travel and I wanted romance..
So I just took off and chased the rainbows across the sand..
Ooh but it's all over I'm tired of faces and quaint old places..
Baby if you won't be there with me yeah..

Back on the boat again farewell to France..
So long East Germany it hasn't got a chance..
I'll trade the sides I've seen for one loving glance..
Where can I go without you?

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