My New Love For Chuck Lorre's Vanity Cards

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am officially addicted to the vanity card feature of Chuck Lorre Productions that lasted a few seconds after the ending of the TV sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

The first card that I actually noticed contained interesting words like "projection" and "Sigmund Freud" which I had to rewind and pause at the exact second of the video to be able to read the whole content. Here's the first vanity card that caught my attention:


"I've been studying up on the psychological phenomenon known as projection. Sigmund Freud explained it as the mental mechanism by which a person attributes to others the very qualities he or she despises, and cannot confront, in themselves.

I've also been learning about passive-aggressive behavior. This is language and actions that are abusive but cleverly hidden behind a thin veil of civility. For example, the first two sentences of this vanity card."

And the next one, which I've made the point to read was shown after the ending of The Big Bang Theory's latest episode, which you can read below:


"What doesn't kill us makes us bitter. I used to believe that to be both funny and true. Years later I learned that pain could also be the touchstone for personal growth, which of course points back to the original saying, "what doesn't kill us makes us better." Not funny, but perhaps closer to the truth.

Or at least the truth I choose to believe in these days. So, having recently experienced a bit of pain, am I better? Well, let's review: I think I'm fairly immune to name-calling now. I'm not sure I could have made that claim a few months ago. I've also come to see that the things I used to think were big deals, are not.

Problems appear to be relative. If you have a big one, it makes all the others seem almost charming in comparison. And finally, when your life takes a path you could never have foreseen, it's humbling. In a good way.

It's kind of like a friendly reminder from the universe that while you may think you have the starring role in the movie of your life, you're actually just a bit player trying to grab a quesadilla off the craft services table when no one's looking.

So, to sum up: I now have a thicker skin, I'm less likely to sweat the small stuff, and, perhaps most importantly, I have a renewed sense of humility. All in all, better. That being said, I still try to stay reasonably bitter in order to maintain my eligibility in the Writers Guild of America."

Now, do you see why I'm addicted to reading Chuck Lorre's insightful and witty snippets? Gotta thank him for making the one of the most loved show on earth. Perhaps he has a Twitter, I shall start my online stalking session, per usual. Tehee.

If you guys want to read his vanity cards that carry messages written in the form of editorial, essay or a mere observation on life, please head on to

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