Franz Kafka On Suffering

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Are you afraid suffering? Are you in the middle of one that doesn't seem to let up and in your mind, you swear that you'll never have to go through this again?

Franz Kafka has a short poem that will offer a perspective when it comes to the exquisite pain that we, mere mortals have to go through in this life.

Once we've spent our time on Earth for a while, we'll know wise enough than to run away from dark emotions and their attendant pain that can dwell in our hearts and minds. But it's easier said than done..

Sometimes we build walls upon walls to prevent ourselves from experiencing life because we're lethally afraid of having to go through the not-so-cheerful parts of it. This constant building of emotional walls offers us no real benefit except that it wears us down, keeps us chained to past hurts and miseries.

Let the words of Kafka in his short poem here light up a candle in our hearts.

Life still goes on even in our darkest hour. Sometimes things don't turn up the way we want them to be. Or that a certain part of our life is crumbling down and we are angry. It is understandable to feel the immediate sensation of pain but we have a right to return to life, living it as fully as we can, if we'd just permit ourselves to do so.

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Edvard Munch: The Frieze of Life.

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