Avoid This Mundane Post If You Must

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cheers To The Mundane.
There was so much that I wanted to write about, as I attempted to sleep earlier today. But now as sleep calls on me, I desire to write but nothing seems to cross my mind except for dark creeping shadows of imagination skirting around like wings of butterflies. There was even a joke or two that I thought was hilarious while my mind drifted in between two states of consciousness, but now I'm empty of any insight nor wit. Great, just great.

I'll try anyway, because I think there's something lodged in the grey matter that would like to be let out. I'm trying to see if it would let me dig it out. How classy, instead of getting on point on a specific interesting subject, I keep on skirting, my mind keeps on playing the game it only knows too well. This is indulgent writing, you see. But in any case, it doesn't bother me, but it may well cause you to 'x' the window that brought you to this 'exciting' domain, by mistake. But, but, but.


I have something to say that will make your wait worth the dull ache. Oh no, you've gone now, too late. I'll blabber on by myself for the sake of an imaginary audience however pointless this activity may appear to be, to well, nobody.

This is of trivialities, the banal and mundane. I straightened my wavy/curly hair today (wow! how insightful!). My mane was usually left au naturale as I've gotten over of that phase of having it straightened every other freakin' day. But today I felt called to apply my old straightener that kept turning off by itself to the test. But I managed to get a cute sleek look out of wrestling with the power button, on and off.

Fuss with the mane to show you care, mang!.

Went out with my hair did and my face made. I looked sweet if I may so be honest. Even got my lashes curled (o.m.g.!), and enhanced by whipping up some sticky coats of mascara on them. But my eyes were dry, and I needed a good artificial eye soother that I've yet invested upon.

Went to the old place for some ox tail soup with white fluffy rice. Hunger pangs nearly drove me to voodoo-eyeball the waiters who were - to be truthful - too slow to get our orders. My mother was sporting her demon-possessed facial expression. Seeing her looking like that stopped me from wearing the I-am-insanely-hungry-and-you-suck look. Had to wait a few more minutes as we waved our hands to random seemingly busy-looking (my a-s) waiters. In other words, the service sucked today. As was the fried chicken which was dry and could be effectively use to choke an unsuspecting diner with poor biting skills.

I savored the ox tail though because it was tender as I liked and the soup was just divine. My mother ordered roti sardin ( a mix of roti canai stuffed with sardine) which was bland based the info relayed by her taste buds. Even her tea was not up to par. She usually liked it at least sweet, but just enough. This time it was just tea minus anything else. I told her that was good considering she was of a certain age. It was a joke. But she didn't think so.

Got up to pay at the counter attended by a cashier bloke that we didn't trust, due to his overcharging habit. Had to pay RM18.10. As I was trying to grab the ten cent coin from my purse (my mom paid the 18 bucks), the cashier waved his hand implying that I should keep it (wow, it's a ten cent discount, how generous!). I whispered to my mom that he should have told us to keep all of the amount due instead.

Congo, the chimp painted in a style called 'lyrical abstract impressionism'.

When I have a ten cent coin in my purse, I'm the kind of a person (freak?) who likes to give it away. Declining a person who is eager to give out a ten cent coin away is tasteless, IMHO. I don't know why, it have must have conflicted with my O.C.D.ness.

As we walked out of the old place, I could a see a table in the corner of my eyes, filled with a bunch of males sharing a boisterous bonding dinner session. If we had walked the usual route, we would have passed that table, but my mom wanted a detour. I asked her why. She said those guys were eye-balling us and making a ruckus.

I wanted to tell her something wise, but ended up saying that I didn't care for uncivilized guys sitting in a group harassing ladies and that perhaps, who knows, that by a trick of the great cosmos, her soul mate was one of them. My mom didn't think so.

P.S. - I finally figured how to insert caption in pictures. Slow as a turtle, but I'm there.

Image Credit:
The Mundane by Necip Tuyeni
Red Hair Painting by Monique Montney
Painted by an artistic monkey named Congo

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