On The Banality Of Wordly Accomplishments

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What if we're all perfect just the way we are at this moment? Even if we are violent, angry and trouble-seeking - what if, being stupid, obnoxious and lame as we are being right now is something that we can't skip ahead, say bye-bye, and zoom forward to a much society-sanctioned 'positively accepted' states of being..and acting.

There's too much talk these days about how things are in a perpetual mode of destruction and that, if we want to see a better world, we ought to strive for change.

So much so that the word 'change' is irreversibly intertwined with the casting forward of an ancient idea that the 'status quo' is a vile state of existence. We are not enough. There's so much things that we can change, should change, ought to change and by goodness, can't we all just stop and think for a microsecond that even with all this business of change, we, as breathing human beings, are still quite the same.

Did the money we've accumulated enlighten the way we view the world? Did life's major upheavals unravel the threads of our being that we are now essentially transformed? What of the ambitions and goals that we have finally realized - did they make us kinder in the way we approach life? Or did success make us hard and terribly hungry for more? Did seeing our children grow and start their own families reward us with peace or are we left drained and alone?

Did anything at all that is happening, have happened, and have yet to happen, of a bloody big consequence in the grand scheme of things? It matters when it matters and when it's not, it just fades into the silent noise of that empty background.

At the end of the day, these things end up as dusty old awards sitting on equally dusty shelves, yellowed pieces of certified papers of our grand contributions and qualifications gathered in dark drawers and folders; fancy artifacts that indicate that yes, we were born and while alive, actually did something that was of use to at least some people, and in the quiet twilight moment when at least half of the world is asleep, we might (or might not) rejoice in the presence of that fleeting sense that our lives did really mean something.

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