In Loving Memory Of My Precious Cat, Smurf

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just a poem for my cat Smurf, whose life had brought such indescribable joy to my life and my family.

I remember your crystal blue eyes,
I remember the soft touch of your paws,
the gentle tug where your claws grab at my fingers,
I remember the piece that I wrote a while back,
as we shared a quiet moment on the sofa,
You were dozing miles away in lands where kitties roamed free,
but your warmth stayed and grounded me,
I remember how you waited for us at every closed door..and gate,
How you'd always be there when I called your name,
I remember how you crooned with your 'meows'
and my silly attempt at making the same sound back as a reply,
and scratching the itchy side behind your ears,
how it brought you such immense pleasure,
I remember the white of your fur with a bit of grey and black,
How you squint your eyes when the sun is high and bright,
How you always have to sip water in abundance,
after every meal and many times in between them,
How you were always the friendly one with Chirpy,
that you made the old granny grow soft for you,
I remember the day you befriended the sly Persian cat,
he was here waiting for you,
on the day we buried you,
I remember how you loved being petted and when you gave birth,
you were so naturally instinctual,
you taught me so much about the meaning of existence I had no words for,
I remember the day you were crouching behind the pot with your newborn babies,
wearing a new soft protective look on your face,
and that when we showed you the cold and dark insides of the shoe shelf,
you went in to give it a good scratch,
before you carried your babies, one by one from outside into the new nest,
where you slept and nursed them,
till they grew pink and fluffy,
and you never missed a session of watching over them,
day and night,
I remember so many moments with you in them,
it's almost like you are safe right here with me,
but when the realization comes,
that you have passed on,
and I'm left with these memories,
that lurk around in the subconscious,
Oh how I mourn for myself,
for the days and nights to come,
that I will spend them without ever
having you near me again,
Smurf, I will always miss you..
Rest In Peace, my snow queen..

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