Why Chit-Chatting/Talking Makes Me Sick

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm diving straight into the subject of small talk before I completely lose the trail of jumpy A.D.D. thoughts and start browsing other pages like a drunken macaque that Google has successfully turned me into.

It is about the human ability to chit chat which is somehow is lost on me. It's not that I'm against chit-chatting per se. As a matter of fact right now I am chit-chatting in a form of a blog content, which is way therapeutic than when I'm using my mouth to do it.

And as much as I prefer to zip my mouth shut, there's an inner struggle within me to blurt something out just for the sake of noise-making to stifle the awkward silence. I abhor it when that happens. And so, I prefer to mingle with felines or tortoises that speak without words.

Reading the news these days you'd be crazy blind not to notice how things get easily misinterpreted because someone says something that they think is pretty damn diplomatic yet when the counter views start coming in, it's as though people and their mouths are unwitting partners in a cliché à la soap opera crumbling marriage.

And seriously, there's a lot of bunkum being spread around that one wonders when will we reach a point of maximum bunkum saturation and explode. Now I read the news for entertainment purposes. Don't bother to blame the old cynic that lives in me because most times I'd just prefer to see things as they are.

It's exhaustive honey-coating brainless stupidity and that I won't do. So my mouth is shut for my health's sake. Now if it appears that I'm trying to outsmart anyone with this rant that seems to have no distinct point, I shall clear the air and add that it's my own thoughts that are trying to outsmart me.

I'm just blithely allowing the jerky thoughts to transform themselves into a hopefully worthy blog material.

So, here's why I find chit-chatting (in certain doses with certain people at a certain time) is hazardous for my health:

-More often than not, it's my fault for being too intense, but what the heck. I hate the feeling of trying to grasp the point of a conversation that is out of reach and the nagging sensation like I'm at an edge of something important but that I can't know what it is. That, just sucks. While I do get the need for humans to vent, I'd prefer it to be within a time limit, please.

-Chit-chatting can be used to pass the time, but if it is only a certain party's time that deliciously flies by and mine stays stagnant, rotten and stretches like an old lady's underwear, I'd much prefer to talk to the wall.

-Loud chit-chatters are bad news for me because I hate loud speakers and when the spoken stuff is generally idiotic or leaning towards bigotry, then it just makes me ill.

-Although I can appreciate nonsensical chit-chatting, it really depends on the time of the month. Talking nonsense allows spontaneity and fun and I welcome that very much in my life (in small doses) as I can be too anal/literal.

-Chit-chatting on a growling empty stomach is a recipe for trouble. I can be like a rabid dog that won't let go of a stupid stick when I feel like making a point. Usually over something oh-so mindlessly trivial. I blame it on glucose-starved brain cells.

-Chit-chatting in a group is the least appealing to me because I get overwhelmed too quick for it to be any fun. It's just not my cup of tea. I'd be lost in a daydream to insulate my sanity. It could be that I'm more of a one-on-one type of loon.

So what do you think of the act of chit-chatting face to face in this day and age? Do you love or hate it? Or do you love and hate it with equal measure? Share below, will you.

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