On Being Human, Misfits, and Iwan Rheon's Tongue Tied

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Watching foreign TV shows has never been as so thoroughly addictive as when I'd started watching Being Human and Misfits. Both are British production.

Here in Malaysia, we are more exposed to American TV shows that it is a nice surprise to find that I have fallen in love with British TV, which I watch on the laptop. You can't watch these delicious shows on your local TV network, duh. But since we're all Netizens now, it'd be foolish now to use that broadband for something very divinely useful eh?

If my memory serves me well, the earliest British shows that I've ever watched on TV and enjoyed were Mr Bean and Mind Your Language. OMG, how ancient is that. Haha!


If you love dark comedy wedged in the background of bizarre supernatural elements, and if you fancy the variety of English accents, I highly recommend Being Human and Misfits. These two shows have had a spell on me that the witty bits have caused me to want to literally roll on the floor laughing.

Exaggerations aside..

Both shows are packed with intense drama on bizarre circumstances that can certainly make you lose focus but with such memorable characters and story lines, you just can't help but to allow yourself to be taken in for a delightful ride. Thanks to the marvelous actors and actresses, you would actually anticipate and welcome the set of absurdities that come flinging their way.

Essentially, if you're cool with in-your-face wit that teeters on the edge of awkwardness, you may find these two shows freakin' exhilarating. No joke, mate. Laughs for free, who wouldn't that?

Being Human is basically a supernatural drama about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost shacking up in an apartment together trying to live their lives as humanly as possible.

Misfits, on the other hand, is a science fiction show that portrays the lives of 5 troubled kids who were struck by a freak lightning that gifted them with superpowers while they were doing their community service.

And if you're a true fan of Simon, one of the characters on Misfits, you'd know that the bloke sings and plays acoustic guitar. I am currently obsessed with one of his songs from his album titled 'Tongue Tied'. Barry.. I mean, Iwan Rheon, you're awesome! Take a listen and enjoy!

An episode of Mr Bean a day will keep the blues away.

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