Another Day In The New Year

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Passing Time by
Wow, hey, it’s the eve of the new year, have you noticed? Well, you must have figured something's amiss when you flip December over and see that 2012 abruptly ends.

Now I have to run for a new set of calendar for 2013. It’s the new year’s little ritualistic activity. Why can’t I make my own calendar? I know why: I’m too freaking lazy.

Let’s just say I’m trying to be a better person as this new year proceeds. What gives this yearly demarcation this sort of appeal to suddenly collectively want to start thinking this way? This very human construction of time that tells of a beginning and the end tends to make us all very predictable.

Every new year, almost every one will be thinking along the same line of trying to be better, richer, wiser, less bitter, whatever. It’s all too vague, too generalized of a thought process.

Everyone plans to become better versions of themselves every single year but as soon as the year begins, it starts to feel just like any other day the year before.

Anyway, call me old-school but I like to scribble on a physical calendar. I can’t stand virtual calendars for time appears to move at a rather distant level whenever I use them. I can't explain it but it surely has to do with sense-memory.

I like the feel of my black ink pen in hand as I jot down bits of info in initials because space is little. I like the feel of strong sleek cardboard of shiny paper that I can even take a sniff at.

With a virtual calendar, it's all just screen-eyeballing and the typical drumming of fingertips on keyboard.

I do not busy myself with the need to attend epic noise-contaminated parties. I’d rather have a quiet one of reflection by myself. Though I may permit myself the random acts of wishing a few people a good hearty new year I believe the whole thing can be quietly eliminated because honestly who gives a flying spaghetti monster.

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