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Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm not the gardening type (mom is) but I love being out in our wild and whimsical patch of green.

We've got bougainvillea fetish here mainly because it's a non-needy plant, according to Moms. Well, at first you have to baby it a bit especially if you're just starting to plant it.

All of our 'pokok bunga kertas' (bougainvillea in Malay) are flowering. Even the ones that are not so inclined to bloom is blooming.

Butterflies and buzzing bees are having a ball and whenever I sit zoning out outside, I soak up the blooms' vibrant colors. We've got pinks, purples and bright magenta ones. And we're waiting for the new plant to grow us some tangerine-brown flowers.

Moms' passion fruit tree is also blooming and as of now there are 7 passion fruits hanging to be plucked after they've ripen. Anyways, I'll let the photos do the talking.

Some grass and the dandelion things.

If you're not careful, the thorns may scratch you. See, it's reaching across to grab me, these plants are alive!

The bushiest of all the blooms, flower-y all year long.

I don't know the scientific name of this wild flower, but it's pretty.

Tidus, my Siamese kitty is giving me the look and there's a passion fruit hanging behind somewhere if you can spot it. It's pluckable now that it's turned purple.

These tiny blooms are fragrant and nice to look at as well.

This one's a seasonal bloomer.

The passion fruit that I mentioned earlier. I'm gonna scoop all the yummy goodness out, hopefully tomorrow after I pluck it.

Okay enough of the foliage/fruit photos.

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