Meanings May Be Meaningless

Sunday, March 10, 2013

People give meanings to things/events that are by themselves most trivial and quite meaningless.

People grasp for meaning in things they've already assigned meaning from what they've absorbed before. It's hard to be objective when the feelings from inside one's heart are in disarray.

Is it pride? Ego? Plain insecurity? Paranoid delusion? Obsession? I don't know. We have to pause, rewind and stop to open our eyes and be as neutral as possible to trace back to the point before the ripples spread.

Knowing that there's a point when meanings become distorted doesn't change anything but at least now we know the catalyst. Now does this make anything that comes after that easy? I'm not naive to think so.

Fighting with ourselves, we try to become a version of someone else but that's madness. Who you are is not written in some stone but parts of who you are may already be scribbled in your DNA.

Does this calm us? Do we insist on wearing these little layers over our little self in hopes of finding something that is beyond all of that?

Anyways, here are some photos that I've recently snapped:

This was taken while in a moving car. These trees were a sight. You know the kind of trees with creepy branches? Yup, that's my kind of trees. Also, snapping while in a mobile vehicle has become a new hobby.

My kitty cat Tidus was stalking his human and I took the opportunity to snap a photo of his cuteness. He is a sensitive one, doesn't like to be fussed over, only appreciates gentle rubs under the neck, around the ears and the occasional tummy rub. He likes munching on beetles and grasshoppers! Oh and he loves licking on coconut oil and he smells like fresh cut grass.

This one's a torch ginger flower. Or in malay, 'bunga kantan'. The buds of the torch ginger are used in Nyonya laksa dish and mom use them in her signature kerabu fried rice. I like munching on it.

A photo of my sister. She was getting ready to head out but I subjected her to a session of a random photo shoot with me standing right behind her.

My dearest red-eared slider turtle, Merlin. He was stalking me stalking him.

I just noticed that every time I snapped a photo of myself before heading out I seemed to always be in leopard prints! What could this possibly mean?

The afternoon sun was unkind and my eyes were about to explode but I had time to snap away. There.

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