I'm Not A Crazy Cat Lady

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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I promise you I'm not a crazy cat lady. I don't have twenty cats living with me. This is just a very kitty-centered posting that will hopefully make your heart feel warmer than your overheated smart phone.

Cats are easy to read especially if you've spent most of your life with them hanging around being in the picture even if they're just strays.

I know some people are afraid of cats more than anything else because of some nasty unforeseen events that'd transpired when they were just mere toddlers.

Life has a way of making us very different from the get-go. From pet preference to big tough things like sports, politics and religion, we're essentially diverse.

And I'm not one to try to convince cat-phobics to start embracing the domestic feline. But I'm sure that from the safe distance like where you are, just staring at your computer screen, you cannot just not feel your heart flutter at the sight of the images down below.


Smurf & Chirpy (both in kitty heaven now)

in loving memory of

Chirpy when she was a fluffy fatty.

Nursing kittens

Mommah Smurf and the four kittens.

sleepy kittens

Tidus & Aiden when they were tiny blobs of life.

i see you

Aiden giving the human his pretty innocent stare. Heart melts!

siamese snooze

Sweet Tidus gave me a fright when he would just randomly fall asleep in the middle of a floor. Those paws, yum!

sweet aiden

Aiden still has this look even now. And he's the kind of cat that you can 'call' to come to you by just locking eyes with him.

twins and tidus

Shoes were the kittens' fav. Don't know why but it must be the wholesome aroma of their beloved humans they just couldn't get enough of.

Aiden's next to Tidus and Aiden's twin Alpen looking rather confused but oh so adorable. Alpen's the kitty that I tried the butter trick on to get him to come home which had worked for a while. Unfortunately my poor ragdoll of a kitty has not been back home about the time Merlin left.


Lucy, the only female from the litter. She's got a peculiar love for frogs, gallops like a horse, eats insects but hates it when they flutter around her.

feline sofa

Kittens using each other as comfy sofa. Not sure if that was Aiden or Alpen, but the grey one's too obvious.

When they were tiny, I think I'd lost sleep over taking care of them and even lost some weight from all the sessions of poo-scooping. Well, aren't they precious!

Do you like cats? No? What are you doing here? Do you a have cat? Any quirky habit of your furry one that you'd like to share? Have at it down below!

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