2014 Douchebaggery

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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Douchebags are people, like you and me. But they're of a special kind annoyance and it's worse when they're made of faceless institutions so that you're left with impersonal desk minders to throw your complaints at.

If you're into meditation and all that inner peace and tranquility stuff, you'd say to pay no mind. Heck, I do on occasion resort to go back to the breath. But what if the douchebaggery happens on a day when you do mind and you mind it especially really bad?

I'm less emotional than I was back in the era of roaring impulsivity that marked my early twenties but I still shed blood every month that I blame hormones at the slightest burst of dark energy directed at the wrong kinds of events.

For instance, I notice the national news have up their douchebag antics with biased reporting on a non-issue of the 'sacred' word of 'Allah'. They keep portraying the likes of the butt-hurt parties without even bothering to let the accused speak for themselves on the same channel. Like real adults. One-sided truth is BS on a subject like this.

And I personally cannot fathom the conception of a 'debate' over who's got the highest say on who gets the sole possession of the 'name' of a supreme deity. And to force out an 'apology' from someone who you think has tainted the name of your deity is complete and utter class.

So anyway, not that the local news hasn't put me off before, but this year's a new brand of douchebag-quality reporting takes the cake and how dare they, at the start of a new year!

Good goats, I should try to tune it out sometimes, except that on a particular day when I can't, everything goes into my head a little too damn fast. If only there's some sort of a magic pill that I can swallow to help me filter out dumb stuff like this.

And then, there's the trash bag debacle.

We produce physical rubbish, you and me. We like, reasonable people that we are, secure the wastage in recyclable bags for the trash folks to pick up on their routine trash-pick-up shifts.

Something happened this year that has since changed this seamless and effective routine.

Apparently now, the powers in control of trash management are practicing discriminatory collection of trash bags. Certain trash bags will be picked up by one trash company and the other kinds of trash bags that I deduce contain mostly of dried leaves and twigs, placed under a tree will only be picked up by some other company.

To compound the matter to deeper trashiness, the other trash company has yet to make an appearance at all this year so that the trash bags containing dried leaves are now left exposed to the elements and fire red ants are ready to take up residents.

I can only guess how'd they arrive at this genius of a method. I hope those ants teach them a lesson.

Another mindless nuisance is of the holy loud speaker type. You know, the blaring call for prayer at certain parts of the day and night. Though the place I call home perches at the end of the street, a distant from the source of howling, it just stands out in this deeply serene mountainous residential area.

While I do not have a personal beef with public display of religiosity, it is such a douchebag move for blasting what could have been a tranquil call-for-prayer through shrieking loud speakers.

And thus, I can only feel for the rest who happen to live in the vicinity where their holy places-of-worship aren't even part of the plan in any of the housing projects.

So what do I expect from all this seething on a blog at the early of the year?

A therapeutic release, which I am already experiencing even as I type this, so yay for me.

What about you, dear reader? Do you, like humble me, whine at the start of a new year to balance out all of the positive vomit?

Or are you one of those super cheery types who farts rainbows and butterflies and have already published endless blog posts about resolutions and unicorns? Share away down below, please!

"I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself." - Rita Mae Brown

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