Feathers And Vintage-Inspired Things

Friday, December 26, 2014

Feathers And Vintage-Inspired Things
Image by Juliane Bjerregaard / CC

Jewelry doesn't have to be expensive to be pretty to wear. It does of course depend on your taste and preference whether you see the point in splurging on accessories or not. Well, I personally don't.

Do you like wearing vintage-looking jewelry that features feathers, faux pearls and crystals? If so then, you've got to check out what I stumbled on June Low's A Fashion Story affordable treasure trove. I'm all about wearing economical bling-bling that can stand the test of time. As the very extremely occasional wearer of statement necklaces, rings and bracelets, I find that keeping it cheap yet chic is the only way. And since I don't wear the bling that very often or if I do, I take them off immediately once at home; I find my gems last quite a long time.

The hardcore ones I'm wearing on my person on the daily are either made of gold (my ear lobes cry on extended use of non-gold earrings. Allergies, man - you don't ask for them, they just come to you!) and the two coconut shell bangles I wear on both arms. Obviously, where does one wear bangles if not on the arm area! Geez, the redundancy!

Though I am quite the minimal jewelry person, I do find myself a little into antique-looking jewelry (furniture - not so much) and that's why I've decided to share my so-called jewelry wish list below. I don't usually wish for things like this but well, a woman has her days when she begins trawling online boutiques at the wee hours just because she's in that particular mood. Anyway, ramble aside, I quite like the assortment below a lot:

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vintage-inspired black feather long necklace | SHOP HERE

black round ear studs | SHOP HERE

The smaller side is worn on the front part of your lobe while the bigger bead sits behind your ears. How fun!

vintage starfish love charm pearl bracelet | SHOP HERE

vintage-inspired crystal elastic korean bracelet | SHOP HERE

white feather long necklace | SHOP HERE

A Fashion Story does international shipping so if you're somewhere beyond Malaysia, you can get in contact with the seller herself, like no problemo!

Well, what do you think? Like any of my picks? Let me know! Drop a line.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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