I Got Candy For Your Neck

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Got Candy For Your Neck
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I don't wear necklaces that much and if I do wear one, I make sure to take it off once at home. A chain on one of the most fragile parts of the body, feels very constrictive but hey, I do love hanging necklaces to decorate spaces.

As much as I love wearing gold jewelry (more of rings and earrings), I also enjoy the rustic bronze alternative and there was a phase in my life when I was quite into the vintage-inspired jewelry. About this time, I stumbled across A Fashion Story, an online jewelry store where they had a lot of rustic-looking gems sold at affordable prices. I always looked forward to receiving packages from them after I was blown away with my first buy which was a short necklace with a heel pendant. My second buy was a locket style necklace with a floral front and peace sign inside. The design on it is super intricate but sadly after so many years, the chain part has succumbed to rust.

Here's a picture to show how divinely rustic they are now:

rustic vintage necklaces

This was way back in 2011 if I'm not mistaken and when I went back to check in with the Malaysian jewelry supplier the other day, I noticed they've stocked up on the candy-colored jewelry variety. A little different from what I'm used to wearing but a little burst of cheery colors will not hurt especially if one is so often draped in dark hues. So today, I decide to share with you color-loving ladies, a few of the candy colored choker style necklaces that I find quite pretty and can easily spruce up your most neutral of ensembles for the day/evening or as a statement bling-bling to enhance your your holiday party outfit.

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Without further ado, feast your eyes upon these beauties below! Since they are kind to your wallet, expect to find that time and exposure to human bodily fluid (sweat, I mean) will darken the gold and turn them extremely rustic which may or may not be to your liking. Otherwise, they are your go-to if you like having a variety of bling-bling to choose from on the daily that are not expensive especially if you love changing up the mood of your look through the addition of accessories:

neon pink gold choker necklace

neon pink beads gold choker necklace

green leaves statement necklace

green leaves statement necklace

colorful beaded choker necklace

colorful beads choker necklace

sunflower choker necklace

sunflower choker necklace

beaded gold choker necklace

green beads gold choker

beaded choker necklace

blue green turquoise beads choker

These last two necklaces aren't colorful but I like the detail on them very much, a switch-up from the usual peter-pan collar style:

moon-shaped choker necklace

moon-shaped choker necklace

light gold chunky necklace

light gold chunky necklace

A Fashion Story does international shipping so that's a yay for my over-the-seas-and-lands shoppers. They make sure to give you a tracking number so you can be best informed on where the parcel is as it journeys to you. June Low, who is the mind and muscle behind the online jewelry store can be contacted easily should you have any questions or suggestions.

Do you like any of the colorful necklaces shown here? Which one do you see yourself wearing? Share your thoughts below!

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