This Blog Is Exorcising Old Ghosts

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The blog will soon be alive and kicking. Read up my comeback rambles about what the deal is up with this space and what to vaguely expect soon because there is magic in the air and no, it doesn't smell like farts.

Ladies and gents, I'm writing to let you know that the blog will soon be alive. Halloween is near and October has breathe life into something that's been left dormant like a spirit of a long dead monk buggered by the sudden breathing occupant that has taken up residency in her dusty old home. I'm told that this blog isn't supposed to be a graveyard especially if the owner has quite delicious thoughts to hurl around and about for the world needs every type of perspectives out there no matter how stupid, especially if they are also ticklish or amusing or again, plain stupid in nature.

I've summoned a very passionate soul, someone we shall call Sammy who will give this blog a totally new-do, the way an average-looking, sad, oily-faced fashion-confused guy that gets a makeover done by the experts. I'm not saying this blog is average-looking or is a guy but it sure is so old and boring, not unlike the owner, herself, but well, she's just been all caught up with other things that she's finally decided to delegate the job to someone who is more capable and importantly, has the magic to beautify and simplify this space.

This blog design was initially the work of my dear old friend and teacher, Ryhen who is at the moment deep under the radar because, well: life. I hope that if he takes the time to stalk what I'm up to from time to time, he will sprinkle a blessing my way for pushing ahead with something new and maybe leave me a comment or a message. I keep waiting for you to be back, man, but that's okay. You do life. I am still here.

Thank you for the work you've put in into making this blog swing its rusty and cobwebby engines ages ago when I was so clueless about everything that makes a blog creaks, Ryhen. You taught me how to organize the blog from when it was really a newbie mess and also taught me how to quit writing like a drunken moron. For that, I will always be grateful to you. I still do like stringing sentences up awkwardly but it's all toned down now that I realized sometimes life is better with some straightforward poetry.

With the makeover completed soon, I will make sure to bore you - what's left of my readership - with crispy fresh content that will keep you hopefully well-fed with well, serious subjects like why you should not grab a cat like it's a piece of abandoned hamburger and reveal my deepest secrets on how to live a semi-reclusive life successfully without going bonkers and if you do go a bit loony every now and then, that is a sign there is hope somewhere in you because you're not at all dumb, robotic and insensitive. When life makes you lose your crap, there's only you with a missing crap - so, take it back.

I will also be sharing more about my introverted self that I've kept hidden because well, you know people seem to love the out-there hyper types that it had made me so very self-conscious of my quietness, I wished I was born shamelessly loud and stupid like that guy everyone in Malaysia is seriously up to the eyeballs with. What guy, you ask? There's too many, these days - you can insert any name you like.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for this space will be buzzing with new life soon! And by that I mean, lots of random-tastic stuff that can hopefully be useful to people even if it's only one.

Or, I might do another follow-up on the most popular post on the blog about dealing with naggy moms, only this time - it will be about how to embrace your own nagging habits with open hearts and accept that you're better being forever alone. On that very positive note, I wish you a beautiful day even if you're breathing toxic haze. Put a mask on that pretty face, and avoid breathing rather excitedly - you will be fine.

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