7 Things That Make Life Even More Beautiful

Friday, December 11, 2015

7 Things That Make Life Even More Beautiful
Image by Florin Gorgan | CC

The few things that I am currently inclined to love to do, admire or support.


Listening to Hitchens, all day, everyday to sharpen my B.S. detector.


Pleasuring my ears with Troye Sivan's Talk Me Down to get free psychological lumps in the throat. Before you click on the link, be sure to watch the Blue Neighborhood trilogy, starting with this one.


Playing Adele's When We Were Young cover by Leroy Sanchez on repeat to catch all the feels.


Supporting the liberal secular movement catapulted by G25 because Malaysia needs to get her head out of the sinking sand. I feel it would be better if they have members that are off diverse 'ethnicity/culture' because hey, #1Malaysia (?)


Reading Fake Malaysia News because #Satire - If you're Malaysian or for some reason follow the local news here, be sure to check out this entry to give you an instant mood-booster.


Selena Gomez's Me & The Rhythm to loosen up knotted muscles in my shoulders and head.


Lastly; One word: Tardigrade! I cannot get over how magnificent this tiny segmented water-dwelling creature is.


I initially had a rather long list of utter trivial dislikes to unload but venting on a rainy day when I'm already feeling blue isn't smart. In other random news, the toilet is clogged, yet AGAIN!

I've been making Google my virtual plumber but I can't help but cringe at some of the suggestions but hey, it's just particles of fecal matter and mostly mine. I can totally fix it! Watch this space for updates on my janitorial efficiency.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well! Tell me: What has been making your life experience even more awesome than usual? I want to know :)

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