Someone Said I Write Around Words

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Someone Said I Write Around Words

About me upping my blogging ante in 2016. An ode to the younger self we can see clearly now we're oldies.

Someone said I used to write from the heart and now I write around words. I'm not sure what that means exactly but my curiosity is piqued, so I'll meditate on it and try to see what I can do to get my writing mojo back on a better track. The previous sentence sounds a tad faux. Allow me to be honest this time: I'm tempted to spam him with turd-shaped emojis and write a short but prompt bitter blog post that ends with me congratulating him on his hair loss.

I try to be candid with my thoughts but as the years can only trudge on and wrinkles pile up, I'll woman up, be honest and admit that I find myself getting a little mechanical with how I express myself here.

I'm typically guarded (with bouts of random spontaneity) so I can see how this tendency might translate in the way I string words. I will try to detangle the chains that stifle the life out of my blog entries and see where it takes me. Or, I'll just sit and spin creative scenarios in my head of ways I can fling real turds on this blunt little fellow's head! JK, of course. Too classy and repulsed by real fecal matter to handle one, let alone a pile. False sentence detected. I do clean up my furkids' dried stinky cookies with my own gloved hands. I've been letting those pile on these days. Too TMI? Crap.

Anyway, in order to better my blog content this year and in the spirit of getting in touch with a little softness in my writing, I'll do an ode to the younger version we all have of ourselves who had been kicking and screaming to be let into a path or paths to a life worth living somewhere down the unlit, pebbled road.

It starts here:

You are as you are,
lovely as a hibiscus,
perfect in all weather

You are as your are,
a fool and a whiner,
on fatty ego

Laced with poison
bursting with fire
you're lavender
somewhere deep
in the center

You are as you are,
kind and emphatic,
brave and sensitive
to wisdom
but also injustice
they devour you
spit you out

You are as you are,
a screw amiss,
not all loony
only sometimes,
and usually
when food-deprived

Your emotions
they sting
quite a bastard, they seem
alchemized through
blistering poetry
you are right on you way
whichever way
that is...


So, there's that.

I hope your days are magical and nights, even better.

Do follow the blog if you like. I want to convince you I'll be writing awesome stuff but I won't. This space is for letting thoughts roam in abandon and that I shall stick by with real abandon this year.

At the same time, you'll find me nagging about nags and people who loathe them, commenting on things in life and fiction and quite possibly, more poetry! And a bit of satire, maybe? I want to let it zing! Are you with me?

What topics would you like me to dig my toes in? Share below because the comment section is feeling really lonely these days and I really could use your ideas.

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