Gratitude Journal

Friday, December 23, 2016

Gratitude Journal

The time I washed my hair and it felt like straw but I still loved the color and highlights, plus I gave my deepest thank you to Life!

I woke up with limp hair and atrocious skin. Hopped into the shower to make them better. Until I realized that now I am blessed with a new hair issue. They're now a frizz ball of straw. Now I know why I can't be bothered with hair in general because after coloring it, I am supposed to be an adult and tend after it which I clearly am not capable of.

The pictures will show you my hair a few washes after getting it done where you can still see a bit of the rose pink. Not that this is of a life and death matter, mind you. I confess the straw effect was so strong I avoided showing my hair in close-up, haha. I'm quite efficient in this it seems.

In less than a week, we'll be in the new year. 2016 will be another year in history of years that went by.

I'd like to turn this post into one of appreciation, because 2016 has been quite a year. I learn so much about myself, while getting to know other people, some who have made such a lasting impact. Every one of the people I've encountered, whether it's the kind waitress, the person who fixed my shoes and strangers who I've comfortably fell into deep friendship or work relationship with, I want you to know that I'm blessed and better for knowing you.

I never was one to see myself opening up my shell to people conditioned by a childhood habit but this year has got me to open up in ways that I never imagined in 2015. I feel that life has a way of resetting the button and that change is always in the game. I started to do outfit posts this year, enjoying more of the moments spent in the sun, rather than stuck at the desk. I enjoyed discovering local spots left abandoned to the life-affirming hands of nature. I saw and experienced how love can transform people's experiences and that hatred has no home in my heart. I can disagree with all my might on practically anything but in the end, I seek to understand with compassion.

I stand by my principles and I live to answer to my own self at the end of the day. I am more in touch with parts of me that I've neglected before. I started to give myself a break by settling into the experience of being me fully, without judgment. I gave myself the permission to be human, all emotions are valid. I took my body out of its sleepy stupor by dancing every opportunity that I got, realizing how much body and mind are intertwined.

There was a time when I'd prefer to avoid challenging emotions but now I fully internalize the wisdom that emotions aren't our enemy. They're there to be acknowledged and learned from as whatever insights that trickle out of them, they will teach me. No one goes through your own emotions but yourself so you have to own them. Have respect in your individual process. It's easy to want to blame the outside for when things that go awry, but we're all creators in our own world that we share with others, so we might as well take full responsibility of how we choose to experience this life we have been given.

I used to fear a lot, but these days, I've made friends with fear. I let her sit by me, tell me all the crazy mind-bending nightmares and wildest scenarios, until her energy's all used up. Then, I sit with Life, letting what brought me here to take me where I will inevitably be.

So folks, what do you think of my hair? And also, more importantly, tell me what you're most grateful for that happened this year? You know I'm a busybody, so please share shamelessly away. I take pleasure in reading your all of your thoughts and will respond!

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