Pen A Poem

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Pen A Poem

Happy 2017! Here's a short poem weaved by my mind a few days back to kickstart the very, very uber fresh year.

Hello world, we're in the new year! Congrats! How have you all been doing?

It's quite something to observe the passing of time when we do it with awareness. It also tells us that the present moment is all we have and to live fully within each moment is a way to be in touch with yourself and the life you are blessed to live for another day.

This post is going to be a short one as I intended to share a short poem I penned just a few days back. The act of physically moving my hand to write was a delight after constantly drumming keys on the laptop. Writing with your hand is therapeutic, try it! Optionally, you can use your feet.

Vital info: My writing looks a bit like the soggy kitten font I used, just to let you know. Maybe next time, I'll show the real thing. Goodness me, I sound so full of myself. Haha.

So, tell me: What does this poem do to your mind? I would love to know your thoughts. Feel free to share your comments because I love reading them all! If reading poetry is not your cup of tea, then please comment on the font style. Do you like or loathe it? Either way, please reason why.

Here's a quote from The Power of Positive Expectation to end my short entry:

"The mind can never know why an event took place, it cannot know the overall context of why something happened. When you set narrow expectations, if your expectation was for a particular outcome, and you see something completely opposite happening, it makes you feel “let down” or anxious. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to stay in a place of an open positive expectation, not creating any negative conclusion about a particular happening, you stay resistance-free and thus allow your life-stream to bring forth the reality that’s far better than what your mind had anticipated."

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