A Hair Experiment

Friday, February 3, 2017

A Hair Experiment

The time I finally used a brush on my wild hair and it had HEAT!

The last I truly was committed to ironing my hair was a billion years. Okay, realistically, it's about 7 years.

I admit wearing the permanently straightened hair in college and all through the years in university but the moment I stepped out of the ivory tower, a quiet goodbye to the flat iron and the salon visits happened even though it was unspoken.

Finding out that there was a new straightening tool that comes in the form of a brush made me supremely curious! I mean, how can a brush straighten up this rebellious hair?

I was too excited to find out.

First time opening the package.

Wow, it is a beauty!

I love how secure the package it came in with. The Jade dual voltage hair straightening brush comes in a magnetic box that was pretty sleek and smart. I love the feel of the brush on my hand. It's in a beautiful mint green shade. The dual voltage means that it can be used in different countries seamlessly – great for those who travel. In Malaysia, you will need to use a universal adapter so it can be plugged into the socket.


First, let me show one of the many appearances of my first-day hair, depending on how long I gave it a blow-dry or natural air-dry. Curls are looser if I use heat or do outdoorsy things that make my head hot.

This picture is of my first day hair when I let half blow-dry, half the-sun-did-it.

Trying for the first time on my second-day hair:

I'm always extra cautious with anything new so I made sure to run the brush through my hair a distance away from the roots. I did it on dry hair (as it says that you must only use it on dry hair specifically) slowly. Oh the temps go up quickly so that was good. For my hair, I chose the the lowest temp setting which was 180 degree because my hair is in its broom state. LOL.

My intention wasn't to make my hair straight but to round off the kinks on the top of my head. My second day hair always gets weirdly bent at the crown which is due to the way my head is positioned on the pillow. I need new pillows.

Also a new mattress. The old one is killing my back. Anyway, the brush felt awesome for my usage considering that I am unable to give my mane a blowout with a hair dryer and brush. I've been taught by my mom many times but I just can't. It's a combination of not wanting to tug on my curly hair and an innate bumness when it comes to hair in general.

I love my curls when they're wild and soft usually after the hair naturally dries following a fresh shampoo. The Jade brush helped to give the second-day boring hair a more pulled together look and a looser curl which I like. I also think that if you've got weirdly bent hair on top like I do after sleeping on it, the Jade brush is truly awesome for this.

Important fact to note:

My mom has a more of a heavy handed approach when using the brush that she nearly scalded her finger because she treated the brush like another ordinary brush (which it is not!). For people who are skilled at using the hair dryer and want a quick blowout result, the Jade may not be the tool for you.

For me and my naturally curly hair and the very fact that I am unable to use (or simply just don’t want to) the blow dryer with a brush, the Jade by itself is of tremendous help to get me in the mood to style my hair again.

On the next try, I got my sis to join me and because she helped run the Jade through my second-day hair, it was quite speedy to get an almost straightened look (within 15 minutes) from my crazy wild hair after getting up. You can see this contrast rather vividly in the photo down below – my sis snapped the before photo before I even combed through my hair so you get to see the realest state of this head after waking up.

With my natural curl wanting to bend back into its natural shape, the need for a straightening cream/serum to hold the straightened look was strong. But since I don’t want the sleek straight look, it was fine when the loose curls came back.

My advice for those who want to keep the straightened look is to grab a hair product that does that for your hair type.

I also realized how soft my hair to the touch (even if it looks like straw to the eyeballs) was in comparison to when I don't use the Jade brush.

My second day hair is usually unappealing to touch and I’ll always bun it up to avoid contact. I'm happy to report that using the Jade has made me want to run my fingers through my second-day hair. And realized that wow, it's quite nice to do that!

I also did a test on my sister's rebonded hair, straightening her bent bits and ends. The Jade functioned quite excellently for this purpose but of course, I was the one who did it for her so that’s a factor. It's much faster when you get another person to do it for you, I feel. But then again, I’ve only started to train my hand to use it for a few times only. I shall update more after I use it for at least a month.

Another day when I had to use the Jade myself.

I realized that it took some time to get used to running the brush through pieces of my hair while making sure not to burn myself.

Big warning: Hide your children and pets if you love them when you're using this tool! Or any human being who is prone to bang into things for not absolute reason.

I ban my mom from using this, fyi. She's already excellent at giving herself a gorgeous blowout and she is the kind of person who bangs into things that will make you question the law of PHYSICS.

My sister did not burn herself. She can use this in the future if she wants to. But she's a major bum so that's questionable.

Being a self-proclaimed cautious person, I would like confess that on the third time using the Jade brush, my skin on the top part of the right index finger got burned and I did not even realized it until I saw there was blood. Not to exaggerate, but this is shocking to me! Haha. I am a really careful person, the kind that don't play around with knives. The kind that gets anxiety when other people use knives if they're prone to getting cuts. Example: My mother!

Anyway, I would recommend gloves for everyone in this case. I can be extra careful but since I couldn't even figure when exactly did the Jade touch my fragile skin, it's better to be really safe than sorry.

I quickly pour coconut oil over my poor wounded skin, so it's all good.

An OVERALL feel of the brush after using it for the fourth time…

When I styled my hair myself, I made sure to do it layer by layer. This took like half an hour to 50 minutes depending on how skilled you are at using the brush. Bear in mind, this was my fourth time using the brush and I am generally slow with hair tools.

I highly recommend this brush for people with curly hair like me if they actually do love their natural curls and just want their second-day hair to be soft with looser waves.

Before Jade, I admit I didn't like my second-day hair that much. It gets bent in weird places especially the crown area. And the texture was rough in comparison to after using the brush.

If you like to be extra gentle with your curls like I do ( I refrain from brushing through my wet hair with a comb because I don't like tugging into the it and I comb very slowly when it’s at least half dry ) then the Jade brush is perfectly suited for you because you will naturally be using it gently and slowly.

Here’s the looser wavy look when I used the Jade. Excuse the straw texture as this happens thanks to Malaysia’s humidity and the fact that I am clueless on what to do with it.

If you're prone to rushing and needing your hair to be extremely straight in a QUICK jiff, I'd say give this a pass.

The Jade brush is made for me, even though I burned myself unknowingly. I got philosophical in my head while chewing on this nugget of truth.

Some things can be divine but they can also cut you up like you'll only realize it in retrospect. Both experiences go together but the pain gets lesser with wisdom.

In a nutshell: I love the Jade brush. I will handle it in a way that benefits my hair. I use it specifically to get the soft loose curls on my unappealing second-day hair.

Thank you Irresistable Me for having me experiment with this stunning handy tool that has finally made me go back to loving my second-day hair when before it was quite a challenge.

FIFTH Time Test on second-day hair that has hair product.

Girl, don’t do it!

I realized that if your hair has been applied with hair products, the result will be a limp hair.

With the humidity here, it got limper and had an appearance of a frizz ball. That’s why no pictures will be shown of the look for I shall spare you the eyesore.

My advise is to use the brush on your hair that is not weighed down by hair products. I had used a curl enhancing product when I styled my first-day hair.

Why I see myself using the brush:

The temps climb up swiftly.
The brush is easy to handle because of the ergonomic handle.
The way it makes my hair soft is HIGH on the list of why the brush GETS me.

So, there you go, my personal review of the straightening brush! My cat, Aiden joined me and gave his back for me to photograph.

VERDICT: OMG! I’m feeling the ceramic brush. I will continuously use the Jade brush to give my hair a soft and romantic loose curly do on its second-day and invest in some hair serum that will hydrate the broom, I mean hair.

Enough about me: Have you personally tried the Jade brush before? If so, what’s your experience with using a straightening brush on your hair instead of a flat iron? I would so love to know – so, please do share away below!

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