The Monthly Apparition

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Monthly Apparition

A shot of poetry inspired by my premenstrual mind in celebration of the International Women's Day.

Hi people of the world and the extraterrestrials that are perhaps residing in those new seven exoplanets that NASA had recently found! How are you? Happy International Women's Day!

To all of you young girls and women who have been following this blog - I hope you know that you're brilliant! No matter how small the step you take to better know yourself and be the best you can be, know and believe that you're on the right track. And if you're off the track somehow, realize that it's an opportunity to get creative, so either way, you'll be A-okay!

I wanted to make a list of women icons that I admire but decided to do a prose slash poetry kind of thing instead on something some women with the monthly woe can relate.

Yes, apparently biological things like this get my writing juices running for some reason as I attempt to root out the reason why about a week before the period, I can be quite lethal.

The Monthly Apparition

It's that old familiar monthly ghoul,
haunting my brain,
with a different flavor of pain,
Sometimes, it hangs like a fog
and then, dashes about like a wild hog.
Thoughts flit,
Some senselessly stick,
Eyelids beg to shut,
Mind chatters,
Head weighs a brick,
feet forget to rise from sleep.
The monthly daze officially creeps.
So I sit,
do and be nothing
for a moment,
then spontaneously, I want to dance
and be merry
dismantle love stories,
sob quietly,
before a second of clarity
as the body calls out
that it's simply best to merge
with the bed,
imagining all I am
are but two eyeballs instead.


What do you think of this premenstrual poetry of mine? Do you relate? If you're a guy, do you get it? If you're an extraterrestrial, hey, can you take me to your home planet for an adventure?

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