Green Guardians

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Green Guardians

The time I wore a pencil skirt with star prints and a purple tank top with some comfy grandma style sandals.

I love being around the green and any time I get to spend there, I relish just getting lost in the scent of the breeze, watching birds taking flight, stopping on a dead twig, singing and twirling, catching small insects that come out after a soft drizzle.

This park is just one of those parks in my small town where an abandoned architecture can be seen at the back. The look of the time-eaten concrete fencing is perfect for the upcoming Halloween if you’re about shooting OOTDs in locations with spooky vibes.

Casual outfit in a pencil skirt / Shanaz AL
Casual outfit in a pencil skirt / Shanaz AL
Casual outfit in a pencil skirt / Shanaz AL

Standing in between these two tall bushy trees that rustled with the wind, I took in loads of fresh oxygen and thank them green beauties. I felt protected lurking in between them escaping from the ball of fire that was glaring down from the exposed part of the park. My eyeballs found refuge in the shadowed space and there I stood quite peacefully.

This outfit is my attempt at color blocking. With the purple tank top and navy blue skirt combo, it is a much subtle take as the two colors are practically siblings in the color wheel. The star print skirt has a light fabric that makes it fitting for days when you want to jump into a cool body of water in the afternoon.

Well friends, what do you make of this casual outfit? Please share your comments generously as I love reading them!

Here’s a quote by Thich Nhat Hanh to wrap up this entry:

“A wave has a right to live her life as a wave, but she must also learn to live her life as water because she is not only a wave. She is also water. And water lives without the fear carried by the wave.”

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