Green Tangerine

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Green Tangerine

The time I imitate nature with a casual outfit of green and orange.

Hiya folks. How are you all doing? Fed your pet alligator yet? Cuddled with your hamster? Kids all warmed up with love? Need to visit the toilet? Please go ahead!

At the time I write this, I’m pretty bloated from all the good Thai food I’ve been blessed to stuff my face with in the company of sweet mother and brother.

It’s a blessing to have food digesting in the tummy as I figure what to share or ramble on here today.

Can you believe that the year is about to wrap up and before long we’ll be right in the arms of 2018? I can’t believe it, but there it is. Time is indeed illusory. To our physical bodies though, it is different. I’ve been giving my body TLC by going out for a rigorous walk that I alternate with bursts of jogging, randomly sprinting and a slow casual stroll as I sight-see.

I’m certain I scare a few birds, insects, other creatures and a few human beings when I creep around like a lizard.

I found a secret path to a small clearing uphill in a small local park here on a visit to shake my posterior one evening. It had a sign that said no entry and that you will be persecuted if you venture fourth but the townies completely disregarded it and one of the veteran joggers there asked me to go on and venture fourth!

The evening exercisers were quite a warm bunch and I was glad I got to go up to the path uphill.

United by a love for getting lost in the greenery while giving the body love through movement, we were like ants scaling the edge of a sparse hidden forest. There were photographers that rushed to get the right amount of light as they planted themselves somewhere deep in the wild shrubbery to snap something still elusive to me.

I’ve spotted a few stunning wild butterflies at the edge and felt in awe by the sight of rare wild plants and shrubs. The hilly greenery had beaten muddy paths with tire trails that lead somewhere.

I took up swinging too.

Not that kind of swinging but the kind where you rest your bottom on a swing and swing, kind.

I loved it and researched about it.

I found out that swinging (as in the activity you engage in the playground) is good for the senses.

And it’s part of a therapy for children with autism.

The feeling as you soar while your body is anchored on the swing as your perceive sight, smells and sounds is spirit-nourishing.

As a kid, I enjoyed being on the swing, and now that I’m all grown, I still love this activity and am glad to make it part of the routine when I can. Vertigo can set in if I'm on low fuel but for the most part, a simple time on a swing is plenty therapeutic.

Intermission: The solo crow on top of this huge tree spoke quite a bit while I was there and was a delight. Thanks for cawing, crow!

If I can express what makes swinging on a swing enjoyable, it is this:

The feel of the breeze enveloping me as I soar, the sounds of birds singing in the vicinity, the leaves dancing and rustling with the wind, the way the sky opens up, bright blue and fluffy white and the sight of my huge sneakers almost touching the ground as I stretch my legs but not quite.

And breathing. A deep and delightful inhale and exhale. Before I realize my tummy is grumbling and asking for fuel.

Outfit: I wore this Indian-fusion type of outfit, with long lightweight kurti tunic and black leggings. Simple sandals and a bright ombre orange scarf that fades to grey. I might be subconsciously imitating nature with this color combo of green and orange. The orange being the sun and the green being the tropical forest.

What do you think of this outfit? Are you the type to like to go into places with no-entry signs? Share below - I read your thoughts with delight and thank you for your time!

To end this entry, here's a quote by Albert Einstein:

“Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the Great Mystery into which we were born.”

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