Newbie vlogging thoughts

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Newbie vlogging thoughts

The time some thoughts about my new casual adventures in vlogging take up some space here.

So, I had found out from a certain camera angle, I felt like I was looking at a stranger. As I usually record whilst in the car, the stranger I'm looking at sometimes look absolutely grumpy. So, this was what my mom was saying the other day about me looking moody. I just have that face, you know. The kind cannot hide every consternation. I take delight in this, for some reason. 

Gosh, this realization is what I needed on a cold rainy evening like this to keep me a little toasty. I like not knowing all physical dimensional angles to myself. I get how people can get pretty obsessed when they start recording themselves. So, all the more reason to indulge in a messy type of vlogging style for me then. 

I'm not really that talkative in real life unless with very few close human beings. I am more of a quiet observing turtle. But then again, I get talkative by myself. That makes me quite a candidate for solo vlogging, right? The tendency to yammer on about nothing in particular. Not because I think I'm interesting to people. Of course, not. I am basically my own loyal audience. Then, there's the voice. 

I do have an animated one. For some reason, I imagine myself to be monotonous and then get surprised that I really do a lot of random excitable inflections that may go under the atrocious listenable audio list. Oh well, I will find a voice style sooner than later.

New video:

Anyways, what's up folks? How's it your way of late?

This season of contagion is strange. 

In some key ways, I appreciate it. In others, I find brain-cell-boggling. 

There is no certainty that I will wake up the next day. But here we are, talking about risks and benefits about something so challenging to measure and if the measures are looked at, there's always another opposing way of looking at it, a problem with the tools used, the eyes and brains that look through them and a very palpable sensation when answers do arrive, no comfort shall be had. 

Guarantees are out of the question. Life is meant to be lived. I try my very best to consider present variables as I move into life moment by moment. I'm not privy to the big picture. No eye sockets at the back of my head. I am here, all here. There are some things unseen to me. Unclear. Things that are in the realm of being considered by my brain cells, well, I work with those. 

At this point, I just lean in with Life. I am unsure what the right course of action to be taken but I'm well appreciative of utilizing the right to make my own decision. Nobody comes out of this game alive. The least I can do is to live true to the rhythm that is in me. 

Don't ask me for the manual. It's never been found.

Picture from before the contagious season

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