Denim shorts styling: Retro summer look with fluffy sleeve top

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Denim shorts styling: Retro summer look with fluffy sleeve top

The time I wear denim shorts with a perky sleeved top.

Hi peeps, what are you eating there?

I just munched on some junk crisps because I was feeling like it and shared it with a kitty called Tidus. Can I just say it's absolutely beautiful here today in old Malaysia? I just did say it. It was hot, breezy with a touch of something sweet in the air. I just cooked basmati rice that could be it. Heh.

I'm going to be cooking something that involves red kidney beans, Japanese cucumbers, cherry tomatoes. Something along the lines of Spanish fusion because I like to chef around and surprise my taste buds. It could turn completely meh but at least, I'm aiming for fibers to go with the rice. And guava. Gosh, how I love guava. I just chopped a juicy one up and left the pieces to cool off in the fridge so I can eat them as a healthy dessert later with leftover Greek yogurt and honey, maybe.

Enough about my casual culinary adventures, what about you? Do you like to cook for yourself? I must thank the season of contagion for making me finally cook for myself. I had a rather poor eating habit before the Wuhan virus dropped into the scene. There's always something that can turn up unexpectedly good when the rest has gone to the dumpster fire of these little over two years. 

Well now, I hope not to bore anyone with my signature whining. I have an advanced skill at venting. I do it for fun until it's not fun anymore. Hahaha.

Retro blouse mustard yellow look

So today, I shall present to you a LOOK. It centers around this pretty yellow top. I was influenced by a YouTuber that I follow and she wears such feminine tops I had to try one at least. 

Summer look in a retro yellow top

The top comes in the wide square neckline style, with fluffy romantic ruffle sleeves, faux button detailing, ruched bodice and an overall vibe that tenderly whispers hey... I'm feeling rather girly at the moment. 

Crop denim shorts OOTD

I paired it casually with a pair of chopped up denim and worked my feet into a pair of pink birkenstock-style slippers.

Ruched top with pretty ruffle sleeves

On a random note: What you do not know about me right now is I haven't taken a proper bath after a mad dash walk at the park, running errands, unboxing packages and feeding the cats. I feel rather nasty. I shall now hit the publish button, leave to give myself a refreshing bath and get ready for a midnight video call with my brother and the rest of the fam gang.

Take precious care and remember, you must eat well, move that body and laugh maniacally. The last one to be done at least some of the time. Not all the time. That might be a great cause for concern. 

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