Looking For A Freelance Writer?

If you are representing a company, looking for a writer who works off-site and holds no direct physical relationship with your business - Guess what, you're looking right where you're supposed to be looking.

If you are a student looking for someone to proofread your thesis or other assignments, you're looking at the right person.

Who Am I? What DO I DO Exactly?

My name is Shanaz AL. I'm physically based in Malaysia, spiritually virtually-everywhere, except outer space.

I am an online independent creative freelance writer, with an office where there is Internet. You are interested in a writer who can deliver as a non-employee contributor. I am simple, to-the-point effective worker. You tend to your business as I tend to mine and somewhere along the way, you require my writing consultation.

You expect positive results and I expect nothing short of an honest business connection.

As a deadline-adhering writer that I am, you do not have to worry about wasted time and costs. In my world, deadlines are vital. I stick to them like a pain-in-the-rear permanent adhesive. Let's face it - We're all on somebody's payroll, here.

It's best to lay all of our cards on the table. You have the right to be specific with your expectations and guidelines and I will pay them a close attention.

Preferred Mode of Communication

I deal with clients via email contact (occasionally via chat). It is just how I work best. If you find that that's a deal-breaker, please refrain from emailing me. I'm goal-oriented to the core. Facts are my best friends. Creative imagination is my partner.

You may or may not like the way I work. But it's efficient-proof. No time wasted talking on the phone. No drama.

Your business is the main priority and I am just a background worker that sorts the kinks and make sure YOU shine.

How Reliable Am I?

Good question. I can say that writing is a passion and all that hoopla, and you will still have no clue. My work ethics are simple as it gets. I work with an honest mindset. If I don't know something, I'll tell you straight.

Let me put it this way - I write passionately. But I also write for a living. Reliability is key IF I'm EVER going to be TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Businesses pay a close attention to this. And you know that. I'd write for free in a world unburdened by monetary concerns and obligations.

The point is, I seek a solid productive no-fuss relationship with my clients. In order to achieve that, I deliver what I have promised to produce.

I write to help you articulate content in the way of words. Your voice shall be conveyed in the style that you want.

What are the main writing niches that I focus on as a writer?

At the heart of every writing endeavor - there's a focus. I create web content about fashion, lifestyle, health and entertainment.

I am at your service in matters that involve written words. Reviews, creative recommendations, formal and informal email letters - you name it. I engage with online social networking media to get your voice OUT THERE.

The main AIM is to deliver work as promised, work that you will be happy and satisfied with.

Why SHOULD You Hire Me?

You SHOULD NOT have to, but you may want to check me out.

Let's just start with a feel of each other's working style and decide after that.

Emails are always replied within 24 hours, so you can always drop me a message anytime you want to.

Contact me at shanazal@reveriesanctuary.com and we shall discuss more.

Thank you for your time!