Monday, June 30, 2008

I don't do Mornings

Morning people. Something about them, they get up, not necessarily crazy for the day ahead. But once you notice them, there are as real as that big cloud in the grand sky up above your head. Can't dismiss them. There are ones with frowns, intense look in their eyes. There are the vague silly ones, not crazy about being serious, but are there alright having the coffee in plastic cups staring ahead with not a trace of resentment of getting up this early.

There are the smiling ones of course, with swift movements in their limbs. Their eyes shine with that kind of light that tells the world that, they are really meant to be here. Their skin glows to the heaven. These people may or may not know why they are there in the first place. The mornings can be such a weird time, from what I observe or have experienced.

Mornings are kind of like a bubble of time before the noise from the mid-day starts to kick in. It is the bubble where I get to see, many people, of the morning sort, the ones who want to be there, and the ones who have to curse to get up.

I feel like, I may be trapped in between the two. Some days it is great to watch the day unwind from the start of the first ray of light. Other days, can't be called as days, as nights are the part of the day where I roam.

People in the morning have this scent, a presence that signify something. They are off working, on something, anything while I while my time away in dreams so high nobody can grab a hold of me.

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