A Day For A Write

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Day for a Write

Today's great for a post. Laying down thoughts to bare themselves to no one in particular, just the whole random parts of the vast world. Yes, I think it is a great day to blog. The insides of my eyes are heated and my face is a slight hot to one side, but it is a very very cold night. Rain is a show of sudden bursts of water falling on to the surfaces of road, houses, plants, and cars. No one really cares to what crooked area these drops of rain rest upon but for now, they just fall slowly to every tip of any surface.

My heart is warm. It is warm inside, but my feet are cold. I still could not find the red slippers I bought at The Ocean, something just a tiny bit small for my really broad feet but now I would have to make do with placing my feet one step in front of another on the cold cold pink floor tiles.

I don't know why, but free time, makes up for a lot of realization to sounds that come from various sources like the world outside of my house, the world inside of this house, the world inside of my head, and the world inside of the others who share the same roof. Mams, from the sounds I can hear as I type this, is clearing, or rearranging something. I can just hear her opening the fridge. Inside this room, the hum of the computer makes for the background noise and the keyboard keys emit those kind of sounds as you let go of them after pressing the keys.

I wish I had a quieter keyboard. This one in particular is a bit noisy. Or maybe the silent here, is deeper that any sounds made will always stain the noiseless background. It makes me miss the chaotic, noisy place that I used to stay in Star Park. How every room has their own unique kind of noise. As I remember it, the guy just next door who shared the cardboard wall with me, would have his Japanese's animation cartoon turned on, and his occasional low laughters would be heard.

Back in my room, presently. I just turned on the standing fan. My brother has just left the house with his friend. My sister, is back in MMU. So it is just me, and my ma for now. She, in her room. me, in mine. I like it like this, not that we are fighting or arguing about some trivial stuffs. Makes me think of my old 'granma' back in Star Park. I guess, I kind of miss her stone quiet presence now. She wakes up day after day,with the same routine, but I always feel like the silence of the house she occupies and hers compliment one another. It crushed me when I had to leave it. Life just goes on.

Paps, I saw walking with his old neighborhood friend just this evening as I was seated in the car with ma and Shahi. He was here yesterday. Chirpy did not observe any change in the period between the last time and yesterday while he appeared out of nowhere, as if a magician had just pulled him out of a black hat.

I feel like everybody knows a secret to which I am cut off. I have always been like this come to think of it. Emotionally wrapped up over one thing or an idea or something. It's amazing how I have come to learn to tune out some stuffs while still letting some crap entering my brains. Gosh, Cant I just be EASY!

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