A Pinch Of Black

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Pinch of Black Sometimes,
I just know, I just need to shut down,
let the pour of rain,
ravage the core of the earth,
so the pain in me,
is stifled.

I do not trust,
I find remedy in chaos,
impulsive activities,
thus I do not know why peace is the key,
why staying and aware of feelings,
and letting them pass,
means anything at all.

I hate this feeling
when I see the faces of strangers,
I see me,
sad and lonely,
It is hard to be.

I hate knowing these feelings
as much as they go away,
they return like unwanted smoke,
a fog so gray,
that fills the middle of my head,
and I wish that they would go,
or that if they should stay,
drown me.

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