A Dose Of A Beautiful Friend

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Dose of A Beautiful Friend

I have not quite understood the power of the right amount of good time spent in the presence of an understanding company, but really, being me, my solitary tendencies sometimes caused me to fail to notice this and so, at times like this, I see that, there is some good in the right company.

Have you ever felt like the day started at the wrong foot, and I bet everybody would say yes, because; being us, the mortals, we scratched our heads when we did not see the wall that came so suddenly upon us, as we bang our heads, thinking we had done the right estimation of the space around us but then we failed, and because of this, our thinking really has nothing to do with anything.

We wake up dulled, uninspired. We try to make our thoughts filter through the right channel, but the harder we try, the stronger, the resistance comes pounding all around us in friction. We lay in misery, blocked, un-rescued from this all-time torment. Who is to say, when the sudden explosion of spontaneous cloud of bright and colorful faith in life, will come to greet and lift us up.

Nobody knows. BUT Everybody wants to know.

They want to push the ugliness of certain things, and let the unreality of black thoughts or negativities to return to anything better, even, nothingness(?). Apathy.

Soon, we become a bunch of haywired monkeys trapped in a cell with an open door. For me, personally, this mental block is more of a common visitor that insists to be let inside my room, for a fine hot cup of tea. It is excruciating. I feel hopeless and at the same time heavy with the idea of murder.

Of myself, mostly.

So, earlier when I say, that if we really open up a crack of our closed broken heart, a tiny wee bit, and let a good company do its magic, I believe that the key is to always, and I mean always, at times when your mind is not your best friend, and your thoughts are literally killing you, Just flipping TRY to forget your Self. Abandon it.

When your mind is blocked, tangled, like some crazy knot from some wire that you have fried your brains out, trying to undo, PLEASE STOP. Mother of Fries,Just stop.

You may think that the knotted wire is THE problem. But if you train yourself to observe at a certain angle, maybe, just maybe, the condition of your own mind is perhaps THE one thing that needs to be straightened up, in the first place.

Through another's company, you would soon distract yourself from the ever-so-destructive pattern of self-murder. In this, I do not really mean physical killing, but more of a craziness of the mind that will not shut itself down. It just wants to go on and on and on and on until the the aliens come and the day the earth stood suddenly still or just stupid. You know when there is suddenly no sense, at all.

Do forgive for I am somewhat rambling, but if you hear my truths, I hope it speaks to you like a good and generous friend who will never judge you, who will hold you by the hand, and shake your mind off its overworked stupor. Just kill it. Put a brake. Do whatever. For the life of your precious goat, do this one thing, and sit next to a good friend.

Put a cork up your loose mind, stretch, time to break away from the chains of your idealistically crazy sorry excuse of a mind. Smile, come on, look at the pretty deep eyes of your friend, and learn to listen to another, to give that spiritual space to another.

He maybe the dumbest friend you have ever had, or that she may not know what in the world is really going on up in your big skull, but remember, don't you ever underestimate the healing power of human connection, no matter how trivial, it seems.

It matters.

So, shut up, just about now. I don't want no loose minds, burning the thin skulls of the human race. Let life decide for once.

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