The New Year

Friday, January 9, 2009

The new year; 2009 is here, Well what do I feel about it? Haha. The question is so laughable. Because, to me, It is just another day. Another change in the numbers, some twist in the words in the conversations of people,nothing personal, to me.

I am thinking of the people in Gaza. So many wounded. So many deaths. Doesn't make up for celebrations, for the ones left behind. For the fathers, mothers, children that are left, to fill up a big black hole. Does it spell a new year of absolute joy? No. It still is the same process of living, but to the people of Gaza, they are in despair of the war that has now come to mark their lives.

Here I am, where I am, I have a room, a spacious one, all to myself. I have this desktop with internet to connect to the world many miles away from here. I have food. I have my family. I should be grateful now shouldn't I. The strongest emotion that I have right now, is fragmented boredom that comes and goes with mild loneliness.

Far far away from that War, people talk of resolutions, of a year that will bring out the best in them.
I don't see no fault in this, But I really see no point in talking about it one day with drunken joy, blasting fireworks, that will cause deafness somewhere in later years, and then to forget all about it, the very next day. But hey, its human, we are strong fickle minded people.

Hmm, I feel like I should talk about this song by Neyo, called Mad. I saw the video clip of it, the first time, on Tv last night. It has a story, quite moving, surprisingly. Neyo, to me, is not the cutest guy on this planet, but he did a good job of acting in the video. The song and the video do go well together, and for this, three cheers for Neyo. I love the song!

I wonder what Neyo has to think about Gaza. Haha.

Oh and I read about this terror target thing against Amy Winehouse. I feel that it is so preposterous.
I did not even know she is Jewish. Now, thanks to the terror target list made by Islamic extremists, I am now well informed, to put it sarcastically. Gowd! What the hell is happening to the people?? The war in Gaza is now making people to lose the brains in their own heads. Now what, we're on Hitler's path?

Violence to go with Violence? An eye for an eye?

Stop your crazy lunatic thinking for once.These days, people are not just Jew to the extreme just because they were born Jew. There are more of us out there, just living the life, not strictly confined by some religious dogma. There are more of us out there, just trying to be a better person, fullstop. I am not Jewish, and I don't have it in me to go against anybody's religion or spiritual preferences. By now, I think these kind of fights are oh so boring and petty.

As for United Nations, I pray they will reach to the people in Gaza. Don't stop halfway.

I am looking forward for the war to End. I know, we can't help ourselves, people find fights amusing. But, the War, I need that to end, as I am sure many of us are rooting for. Please, oh Please Let it END.

My prayers for the torturers to stop, for the tortured, to find the light to forgive.

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