Thoughts Of The Scrambled

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thoughts of the Scrambled

Hello, to another day. Just had a cup of coffee. Felt like posting a good post. So I am here. Posting. My stomach is not at its best. Mild discomfort.Today, another day. Another sun, another moon. It is morning, A delicate morning. Sweet air, cold to my skin. A taste of the previous night still lingers, the long last-nights of the year. A draggy requiem for a long sluggish living.

The inauguration of Obama that I watched nights previous, was uplifting. A sense of new era and hope, stirred the hearts of people not only me. I watched it live, when Obama stumbled open the words in his oath. He looked real to me. To think that he is better than Bush, is presumptuous, but Obama indeed physically is good looking. Haha. I like that he has some color. He has a really broad happy infective smile. When he frowns, as he makes a point, during his speech, he comes off very very believable.

Obama's words were like poetry, watching his thoughts, conveyed straight to words of wisdom, I felt that I was watching someone who was synchronized with what he's doing. They say, politician are good talkers. But I hope he is beyond all that. My boyfriend was amused when I told him I was going to watch the inaugural. He said that for someone who did not even watch her own country's inaugural of her own president, I really was 'funny'.

Well maybe, I am. Not to insult Malaysia's politics, but seriously. Who am I kidding.I am not looking down mocking. I am just saying, that a lot of dramas that go about taking control in our political circle that tend to get messily tangled with race/religious politics that, for my taste, is really really not flattering. It does not move me.

But who am I to say it this way, as America is also tangled up in their own mess anyways. But what moved me,was the symbol that was represented by Obama. He is a man, not of white descent, was not born, in any way,just magically privileged. He did not have the most idealistically perfect family. He was not born with a stamp,stating his religion. He chose to be Catholic. He could choose anything. Here's a man, with a dash of a lot of diverse experiences, exposed to all kinds, of realities.

For this, it makes him very real, to us, for every average person, who dreams, and wants to mold their life, a reality based on the dream. The first african-american, he said, to ever have this chance, when years back up the womb of history, was impossible. He is now officially the new president of the U.S.A. Yay! Bye Bush.

A mosquito had been quietly sucking up my blood, taking advantage of my obliviousness. Oh well. U lucky freak of an insect. So, small, I did notnotice it, busily feasting on me. Shoo. It is still alive, I want to kill that damn thing.

Always, the mornings like this one, the delicate silence, that envelopes the world, to me, is a gift. As I cannot stand the noise that comes as the day stretches. It is a retch, the noise of the loud living. To quote Arthur Schopenhauer about this matter:

" The most sensible and intelligent of all nations in Europe lays down the rule, Never Interrupt! as the eleventh commandment. Noise is the most impertinent of all forms of interruption. Of course, where there is nothing to interrupt, noise will not be so particularly painful. Occasionally it happens that some slight but constant noise continues to bother and distract me for a time before I become distinctly conscious of it. All I feel is a steady increase in the labor of thinking -- just as though I were trying to walk with a weight on my foot. At last I find out what it is."

Malaysia.. Good morning!

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