Are You Daft?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are You Daft?

You have a friend. You have known her for years. She is called B. So B goes on and on about her story of things happening about her life, her subsequent actions. You nod and try to understand her drift. You don't quite get it. But still, both of you have the long history together, so you can't say that you don't get her, when clearly you do know where she is coming from.

But one fact is, B is doing something that is obviously, not right, and just down-right disturbing. You don't like it, but do you say it, you don't. You don't try to point the wrongness, of her actions, because then, you may just come off righteous and repulsive to her. You don't want that. You like your friend,B. She is your ally, together till the, end, you and B, throw what comes up, you and your friend, hand in hand.

A total stranger does the same thing that your friend does, you get all hung up about it. You start the hate wars. You curse and say, what's the world coming to. You can't understand, why, would someone do such and such, because it is all wrong, why can't he/she just notice it. You will not agree to such an attitude. You hold your stand, you have made your point. Period.

The point is, I see hate where hate is not even the issue. I see racisms and the attitude of my-war-is-holier-than-yours spread all around, about the world. When someone is taking a stand, they become half blind, to what they have allowed to happen, when it comes to their own allies. I don't know if I am making sense, but the deal that is causing such a turbulence in my head is, everybody is angry that Obama is defending Israelis. (!)

Obama, does not support violence, but yes, he will do whatever he can do, if hypothetically, violence is brought on to his own family. So, the conclusion is, when its personal, when it attacks us personally, we can't say what principles maybe crushed. We are just humans. Don't start hating, just because so and so is doing some 'wrongful' things to so and so, because we do not know squat about the underlying reasons, that have compelled these 'wrong' actions.

We start to have ideas and judgments on the basis of nothing but the superficialities of events.

And stop the drama. I hate dramas, when there is nothing to get all psyched up about. Yes, people have died, but those living, they will make the change, if they want to keep the war, let them. But really, whats need the most change is the attitude, if anything grand is to be born out of our ridiculous living. I am not a saint, I do not fight for any religion or race or group, but humanity moves me, so humanity is my reason.

Oh by the way, I am really rambling, but I feel like I have to put this out here, so that it is a little clear. Just trying, to make this clear to those with fixed hatred or ideas or whatever. Or if you think you're so right, hell breaks lose if you're wrong. Ha-ha.


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