Brain Blow

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brain Blow

It's been a while since my last original, self-indulgent post, now here I am again, with the company of the darkness, something to lament, though unclear, but I will never fail to come up with a few.
The thing is, I don't really have that spirit to write a lengthy post just because my mood's a sour pickle and the boredom that sits at the base of my skull, is not heavy enough to decapitate my head.
I am still feeling mildly nauseated by the fits of screaming with some person that i will protect her/his identity. I wow myself, in a stretch of 4 days, I got to scream my lungs out with another human, to really make my stay on this livid earth, 'exciting'. Sarcasm now is turned off.

I was reading some reviews about the movie [Rec] late last night or early in the wee hours of dead morning just before the sun found its way up, in a ridiculous bright sun-light shining way that scarred my sleep. I realized I was searching for some hate or disgust toward the Spanish version of the movie which Quarantine had made its remake. Whatever am i saying, i hope it comes across.

Thing is I watched Quarantine before [Rec], so the scare factor when you watch a movie with the similar story line had evaporated to thin air. One thing that annoyed me was, I felt that I should not have watched [Rec] as it was never the way I roll with movies, I don't watch the same movie twice. Difference is, [Rec] is the original version so I felt that maybe it's alright to go ahead and dive my mind in watching it. Second thing that annoyed me was, it was in Spanish which I should have known but I somehow expected that it won't matter. But it seriously freaking did.

When you watch a horror movie, with subtitles to aid your understanding of the movie, you'll be sure to be left out trying to make out what the silly actors are actually saying, than to actually enjoy the bloody horror movie. With [Rec], it is so horrible, about 4 people would be screaming or talking bloody murder at the same time, leaving you to decipher the small tiny letters that make up for subtitles. I wanted to leave the theater I hated it so much.

Third thing that annoyed me was the screaming, shouting, hollering. I had to use my hands to cover my ear holes so that they won't bleed and in turn stopped me from turning into one of those flesh-sucking-eating-zombie-like-thingies, you see in the movie.
I was so considerate so as not to steal the spot-light.

Oh and another thing, I did not like the female reporter at all, for [Rec]. She was so annoying to the point that I was extremely very relieved at the end of the movie when she was dragged away BLOODY AWAY from the freaking BIG SCREEN. Thank you, zombie-thingies for saving my sanity that was hanging by a thread as I watched the idiot reporter and her bloody scenes.

I much prefer the English version, Quarantine, and I felt the lady who played the reporter was more real with a plus side that she did not have that nasal whinny annoying voice. So for me, Quarantine owned Rec. Hurray!

Did anybody catch Pink Panther 2? I had gone to watch it with my loving boyfriend, which is an awesome thing because we have fun watching comedies more than horror movies because my dear man, has this thing in him that will always find fault with any movies that try to be scary. I on the other hand, will always get so psyched up if there were horror movies because I basically love to give myself a Horror trip but it does not mean I don't have taste.

Easier to watch without my man laughing in the middle of a supposedly scary scene and than laughing at me for screaming my lungs out. But I love my man really. Always.So back to Pink Panther 2, I will always think that Steve Martin's character is Very funny. But of course, he gets to solve every crime involving the Pink Panther, and so of course it gets lame and predictable. The villain, Aishwariya Rai was shockingly not much of a strong villain character, though but who cares, i thought the pink panther walking at the end of the movie cute and I missed the old days when I used to be a kid who got kicks watching the original cartoon.

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