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Sunday, January 24, 2010

In ReverieMy Reverie is the name of my blog, as you have already known by now. I know I have yet to share the story behind the reason behind this particular choice with you. Well, I am going to do just that in this post. I’ve been procrastinating mainly because, well I have just been a bum.

The last post before this was the 3 series on the Noble Truths of Buddha and I realized I have casually discussed the tiny gist of the Fourth truth of Buddhism in the previous post, as to the simple ways to end suffering. So, why don't you head on to that page, for some little bits of wisdom, if you haven't already.

Buddha and suffering aside, this post is going to let you in on the idea behind the title of my blog. Reverie is my favorite word. I can’t explain it. I love the sound of that word and the definition of it. If my memory has not left me, the very first time I’ve ever heard of it was when I was listening to Norah Jones’ “Painter Song.”

By definition, it means a state of daydreaming or a self-absorbing absentminded dreaming that occurs while you are awake. It’s a fun word really, don’t you think? Almost every sane human being has been in this abstract state where the line between reality and the muse of a past or some abstracted future become all fudged up. So that, one may have already been in a reverie, without an inkling that this fuzzy pleasant state of mind is called as that.

If reverie is a realm, a tiny break in the layer of the conscious world where our spirits run to take shelter in its merry dreamy land while awake, then this would be a common thing that we as humans share. This blog's concept of the reverie comes alive primarily as a space for sharing.

In between the time my fingers start to hit the keyboard buttons and the time your mind deciphers the meaning that is held by this post, my mind has gotten lost in this wonderful transitional place.

This is the place where my inner muse stays, undisturbed by the incessant shoving and pushing of my ego. I can’t really write when my thought patterns are too controlled, but I do not make it a point to write while I’m drunk, either, though I might be tempted to.

Thus you can say that reverie is that semi-capsulated space, where any thought can come and go, triggered by any sign that can come from little things such as the sight of the blinding bright blue sky, the insights gathered from a profound article posting, the scent of fried onions, or even in the dramatic sound of a creaking floor of a silly horror movie.

So whenever you come across a post in this blog, you can bet that my reverie has something to do with it. I have the tendency to write without thinking. I daydream while I watch thoughts wrap around a central idea before I come to my senses and realize what it is that I am trying to convey.

This does not make me the best writer, but I love writing. And if talking is your cup of tea as you work some sense into your life, writing, for me has been the original mode of relaying my deepest thoughts into something that I can mull over, make sense of and now share with you, my loyal readers and followers.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank the Sumerians for triggering the birth of the written words, for I might have turned into a crazy vandal who has the fetish for scribbling gibberish on the rotten walls of old abandoned buildings in hopes of finding her salvation, and end up a wrinkly lonesome bag lady.

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